Some Exchange Plans Won’t Cover Hearing Aids, Eye or Foot Care But Will Cover Elective Abortions

How many of you wear eyeglasses or contact lens?  How many of you work on your feet all day and have had to see a doctor about your feet hurting?  How many of you have some form of hearing loss and need hearing aids to cope at work or at home?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to check your exchange provided healthcare plan to see if any of those are covered, especially if you live in the Washington DC area.

Now how would you feel if you found out that your exchange healthcare plan didn’t cover these basic medical necessities, but did cover elective abortions?

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If that would upset up you, then just think how a number of residents in Washington DC and perhaps other places around the nation are feeling.  Anna Higgins of the Family Research Council, says that except for the Aetna plans and multi-state plans handled by the Office of Personnel Management offered through Blue Cross-Blue Shield offer elective abortion coverage.

When Higgins investigated the elective abortion coverage, she was informed that it was offered because it is considered to be an essential benefit.  When she made that known, the statement was retracted by the sources she had spoken to.  In fact, the Affordable Care Act states that elective abortion is not an essential benefit.

Further investigation of exchange plans offered in the nation’s capital revealed that a number of them do cover elective abortions but do not cover other necessary medical care including hearing aids, infertility treatments and routine foot and eye care.  That lack of coverage can be devastating to someone who needs it to keep their job.

Years ago, I was a meter reader for a utility in Arizona.  I walked an average of 12 miles per day with some routes pushing 20 miles.  I walked in all kinds of terrain from grass lawns, to gravel, to uneven and rough desert landscapes.  In the process, I tore most of the muscles in my foot that attach to the heel bone.  It caused the development of a large bone spur that looked like a curved cat’s claw. Walking became excruciating.  I ended up having to have major surgery on my foot. Because it was a recurring injury that I tried to work through, Workman’s Comp refused to cover it.  Thankfully I had a decent insurance plan that paid for the surgery and follow up treatments.

If the same thing happened to anyone in the DC area, and perhaps in other locations in the nation who purchase their coverage through an exchange program, they may find that they are not covered for such an injury. They will be forced to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to get their foot fixed so they can keep walking and working.

While they are laid up and facing financial ruin, they can at least take some joy in knowing that they can’t get new glasses to help them read the medical bills they can’t pay and they can’t get a hearing aid to help them hear their family cry as they lose their house, but the real joy is knowing that they could get an abortion anytime they want.  Welcome to the Obamacare exchange nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave.

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