Was Executed Killer’s Death Any Worse than His Victim’s Death?

For the second time this year a convicted murderer was executed at a prison and the death took much longer than expected. All of the bleeding heart liberals have been screaming about how inhumane executions are and that they should be stopped immediately. Their alternative is to imprison them for life at a cost of over $100,000 per year in most states.

But do any of these same bleeding heart liberals have any understanding or compassion for what the murderers’ victims went through?

In the case of Joseph Wood, whose execution in Arizona took 117 minutes, very few think about the two people that he murdered back in 1989.

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Wood had been dating Debra Dietz, but the relationship was a violent one. Wood often assaulted and beat her. Her father, Gene Dietz disapproved of the relationship and Debra tried to end it. However, Wood would not leave her alone and she ended up getting a court order of protection against him, but as in so many domestic violence cases, he ignored it and showed up at the auto repair shop where Gene worked. Wood waited for the father get off the phone then he brandished a revolver and shot Gene in the chest. Wood then smiled.

Debra tried to frantically call 9-1-1 when Wood grabbed her by the neck and placed the barrel of his gun against her chest. Wood was overheard by an employee telling Debra:

“I told you I was going to do it, I have to kill you.”

Wood then called Debra a few expletives and shot her twice in the chest.

Can you envision the months of fear that Debra Dietz lived with in trying to end her relationship with Wood and even getting a court order of protection in hopes that would keep him away? Imagine the terror she felt as she saw Wood shoot and kill her father. Then imagine how scared she was when Wood grabbed her and held the barrel of his gun against her chest, before shooting her.

Sorry folks, but I have no compassion for someone like Joseph Wood and I have no compassion for him taking 117 minutes to die.

When other Christians try to challenge me on feeling the way I do, I remind them that Jesus took much longer to die on the cross for MY sins. Jesus hung for at least six torturous hours on the cross. He gasped for air much longer than Wood did. And prior to Jesus’ crucifixion, he was beaten beyond recognition by the Roman guards and then he had a crown with thorns, that were probably over an inch long, pressed down onto his head. Can you just imagine how it feels to have dozens of inch long thorns impaling your head and forehead?

The big difference between Jesus and Wood was that Jesus was innocent, Wood wasn’t. The Bible clearly teaches an eye for an eye and life for a life. There are over 18 crimes listed in the Old Testament that God said were punishable by death, including homosexuality. Jesus death on the cross fulfilled the temple laws, but didn’t do away with any of the legal laws established by God. Perhaps if America still lived by God’s statutes He would still have his hand of blessing upon us.

Wood deserved death and that’s exactly what he got. Just because it took him longer to die than his victims doesn’t make it wrong or inhumane. I still support public executions such as hangings and firing squads. In the past, it was proven to be a deterrent to a number of would be criminals as watching a man hang is ghastly and makes a lasting impression.

What I consider inhumane is keeping a convicted murder alive in prison for years while his victims will never see the light of day or be with their families here on earth ever again. It costs taxpayers over $100,000 a year to house, feed, provide medical care and guard just one prisoner when they have no right to live for taking another life. That’s inhumane in my book and I’ve heard the same from family members of murder victims.

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