Facebook, Homosexuals Try to Shut Down Boy Scouts Alternative

A group of conservative Christians upset by the Boy Scouts of America’s decision a few months ago to allow openly homosexual boys to be Scouts has formed a Christian alternative group called Trail Life USA.

The group this past weekend held its well-attended first leadership convention, at which some 1,200 people, including former Scouts and scoutmasters, attended.

According to a press release, “Trail Life USA will be inclusive of boys, regardless of religion, race, national origin or socioeconomic status, and accept boys who are experiencing same-sex attractions or gender confusion. However, it will not admit youth who are open or avowed about their homosexuality, and it will not admit boys who are not ‘biologically male’ or boys who wish to dress and act like girls.”

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Within days of announcing the group’s kickoff, logo and program outline, hundreds of people have already joined, and the group was becoming a hit on social media.

Then Facebook, whose executives consider themselves the guardians of everything socially progressive, pulled the plug.

A story on the Washington Post site included a link to the group’s Facebook page, which had received over 6,000 “likes.” But shortly after the story was published, the link instead went to a dead page that announced the offending group had been removed.

The Google link to the group’s Facebook page was also dead.

This is far from the first time that Facebook has shut down conservative pages, while it allows liberal groups to freely post all manner of material that an average person would find offensive.

It’s clear that Facebook, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, has once again stood up for the cutting edge of moral nihilism that is the norm in many corners of the Bay Area.

In past incidents, conservatives have been able to have their pages restored, with Facebook executives usually blaming overzealous underlings pushing their own brand of liberal “tolerance,” meaning traditional values are verboten.

The liberal media are already lining up to kick Trail Life. The Huffington Post characterizes Trail Life as “anti-gay,” and the Washington Post blog asked, “How do you teach young men to be leaders when some of them aren’t able to be open about their authentic selves?” meaning homosexual.

There are alternatives to Facebook that won’t shut you down for believing in the Bible. One such is teapartycommunity.com, a conservative site that operates similarly to Facebook for refugees who’ve become used to the Facebook operating shell.

Meanwhile, Trail Life USA needs the support of good people everywhere. While its activities and organization are all Christian-based, boys of all religions are welcome so long as they agree to follow the rules.

With American culture going down the tubes and the Boy Scouts courting its own end as an organization, parents need something like Trail Life to help their boys grow into responsible, moral men.

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