Falsely-Named “Juvenile Justice” Department Terrorizes 7-Year-Old Gun “Felon”

For a wonderful moment in the lives of the Grant family, it looked like the local North Carolina sheriff’s department had not been quite federalized into the National Security state apparatus or socialized into the gun paranoia. But then the Orwellianly-named Department of Juvenile Justice stepped in and summoned a seven-year-old child for face two felony charges.

The trouble started because Sam Grant disobeyed his mother, ran off with his BB gun, and shot at an abandoned house. In the process, he accidentally hit car driving by. His parents reacted right away:

“Cherry immediately called the sheriff’s department and offered to pay for the damage to the car. The deputy sheriff took a report but said he wasn’t going to press charges and neither was the driver. Instead, Sam’s parents took responsibility, paid for the damages and administered parental justice. Sam got punished. They took away his BB gun and made him do community service at their local church. ‘We wanted to teach him responsibility so he’s been cleaning up around the church and polishing pews to repay the $350 it cost to repair the car,’ Robbins told Fox News.”

Not good enough. Thanks to the legacy of progressivism, we now have multiple layers of tax-feeding organizations who justify their existence by making it their business to fix families like the Grants. They were summoned to “Juvenile Justice” court to face two felony charges—claiming Sam was guilty of a “violent crime.” The day before their court date, Sam turned eight years old. His father told Fox News that, he was shaking with fear that night.

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The happy ending to this story is that someone within the bureaucracy figured out how stupid and evil all this was. When they arrived, their court-appointed attorney informed them that the charges had been dropped.

This is not good enough. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of running into the “juvenile justice” system or “child protective services” or whatever other self-serving names these agencies give to themselves, knows that the overwhelming experience is deep, dark fear. You have no idea who these people are or what motivates them. You simply get a notice from a faceless bureaucracy that claims to own you and your kids.

I can only hope and pray that fear will be a profitable experience for Sam as he grows up—despite the injustice of it. While he’s learned a lesson about the responsibility of owning a gun, he also knows the powerlessness that comes from government bureaucrats. While he will remember that he was let go, he will make a point of never allowing himself to be under the power of such bureaucrats again. He will know never to trust them for protection and to allow them to disarm him on the promise they will make him “safe.”

Safety is not to be found in autocratic dictatorial bodies who believe that children don’t belong to their parents—just as safety from guns is not be found in agencies that want to take yours.

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