Fascist Obama Suggests that we Make Voting Mandatory!

President Obama is not one to hide his fascist roots, and he recently did so again when he “suggested” that our country should make voting… MANDATORY. On Fox News the brilliant founder of the Daily Caller News, Tucker Carlson, pushed back using logic and sound reasoning, reminding us all that voting only works because it is VOLUNTARY.

Well, is he making classic liberal mistake of assuming everything virtuous ought to be mandatory. You know, brushing the teeth, put the seat down. There ought to be a law. In fact, voting only works because it is voluntary. You wouldn’t want to be governed by people who are too uninformed or lazy to make it to poll on Tuesday. That’s the whole beauty of it.

I would say there was a troubling part in his comments at the end where he muttered darkly about how unseen forces were trying to prevent lower income and minority voters from voting. That’s racial demagoguery. That’s what it looks like. In fact, in the last election, in 2012, African-American voters voted in larger proportion than white voters. That’s just a flat out lie and it’s designed to make people afraid and move them on the basis of fear and it’s wrong.



Tucker touches on something that bears more conversation, namely this liberal idea that “everything virtuous ought to be mandatory.” From healthcare, to education, to voting… liberals are constantly pushing the idea that things which they believe to be good (and may very well be) should simultaneously be mandatory. This is the heart of the problem – liberals, at their core, are fascists. Particularly when it comes to the operation of government, liberals believe that because they know better, then they should also be able to force their will upon us.

Listen up, Liberals. The very point of America, the foundational ideas upon which our nation was built, all have to do with the idea that the individual can be and is responsible for himself. The government does not get to intervene and mandate how we live and act based solely on the premise that the government knows what is best. The very point of freedom is that we as individuals have the freedom to make mistakes.

So back off. We’ll vote if we want. And if we don’t want to… that’s our choice too.

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