Fast and Furious Knew Deaths Inevitable But Acceptable

Operation Fast and Furious resulted in the deaths of two American law enforcement officers, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata, plus several hundred Mexican citizens.  As new information surfaces in this horribly botched operation, we are learning two things: the Mexican government was never notified and the Obama administration knew that it would lead to the killing of people which they believed would be an acceptable loss.

Last week, Arturo Sarukhan, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States spoke to the left wing groups, New Democratic Network and New Policy Institute in Washington DC.  He told them,

“Mexico was never apprised about how the operation would be designed and implemented.”

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“Regardless of whether this was or was not the intent or the design of Fast and Furious, the thinking that you can let guns walk across the border and maintain operational control of those weapons is really an outstanding lack of understanding of how these criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders.”

Sarukhan went on to say that Fast and Furious displayed an,

“Outstanding lack of understanding of how criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders.”

Worse yet is the report that the Obama administration officials involved with the planning and carrying out of Operation Fast and Furious knew that the program would lead to the murders of some people and evidently felt that these deaths were an acceptable loss.

Daniel Klaidman, an investigative reporter for Newsweek has written a book, Kill or Capture, that details President Obama’s willing to order the deaths of people when necessary.  The soon to be released book also sheds light on Operation Fast and Furious, claiming that administration officials involved were willing to accept the fact that some people would be killed due to the thousands of weapons allowed to walk across the Mexican border.

One of the facets of the operation revealed by Klaidman was that officials knew that once the weapons crossed the border, the only effective way to track them was when they found them at the scene of a crime or during a sting operation.  Otherwise, they really had no idea where the weapons went or what they were being used for.

That means that the government officials responsible for Fast and Furious are also responsible for the murders of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata and several hundred Mexican citizens.  In light of this information, I would like to see these officials face the families of Terry and Zapata and tell them their losses were considered acceptable.  Not only that, I believe they need to be charged with being accomplices to the murders of Terry, Zapata and the Mexican nationals and if proven that Holder and Obama were part of this that they should also face the same charges.  It may be fitting to see them both rotting in a Mexican prison for the rest of their lives because of their actions.

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