Fast Food Workers Warn of Civil Disobedience If They Don’t Get $15 Per Hour

In the movie “Blazing Saddles,” there’s a great scene where the sheriff, to save himself from a town full of gun-wielding bigots, pulls out his gun and points it at his own head, using two different voices to convince the townsfolk to drop their weapons or “I’ll blow this n—–‘s head all over this town!” The townsfolk buy it, dropping their guns, even crying out, “isn’t anybody gonna help this poor man?” as the sheriff backs away to safety.

That scene came to mind upon hearing about the growing movement by fast food workers who think they should be paid $15 per hour for overcooking low-grade beef and getting orders wrong.

A representative of the Service Employees International Union, Kendall Fells, said that the burger flippers will begin taking actions that are “more high profile” and could include deliberate civil disobedience if they don’t get their way.

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Around 1,300 french fry jockeys are meeting today and Saturday in Villa Park, Illinois, to discuss doing “whatever it takes” to get $15 an hour and a union. Presumably, someone else paid for their bus tickets and hotel rooms, because who can afford that on minimum wage?

The lampreys at the SEIU must really be desperate for cash if they think this monkey will fly.

Fast food workers as a group aren’t known for their high brain wattage, but even someone who can make proper change only half the time should be able to calculate what will happen if the rate of pay for every minimum wage worker doubles.

That money doesn’t come out of some magic vault at McDonald’s headquarters. It’s paid for with sandwiches, chicken McNuggets and milkshakes sold to customers. Owners of individual restaurants expect a certain return on their business because — believe it or not, libs — they want to support their families, too, and they’ve worked hard so that they can run a business instead of working a cash register or a deep fryer.

It should be obvious that there’s a balance between the number of customers and what they’re willing to pay. Raise prices and you’ll lose customers. Lose too many customers and the restaurant’s income will fall despite charging more per item. That translates into lost jobs.

If workers’ wages are to double, plus the cost of whatever benefits the union will demand, the restaurants need to increase their income, which means a whole lot more customers per restaurant. With this current economy, and barring some sudden national craving for poorly constructed hamburgers, the only way that will happen is by reducing the number of restaurants competing for the number of potential customers. That’s a losing game, too, because fewer restaurants means longer drives for consumers, and there’s only so far people will go for a Fillet o’ Fish. Again, that adds up to lost jobs.

Then the other option for owners to make up the shortfall caused by the suddenly ridiculous wages is to cut hours and outright eliminate positions. More people will lose jobs, and those who don’t won’t be working full-time. Between that and higher taxes for that increased wage, any potential income increase workers may have expected could be totally nullified.

The fast food workers of this country are acting like the sheriff in “Blazing Saddles,” creating a ridiculous situation that they expect everybody to buy in to, but really, they’re just pointing a gun at their own heads. The words on the bullet are “livable wage,” but it’s still a bullet. The workers are being taken advantage of by the SEIU, which stands to collect a chunk of change from every newly unionized paycheck, regardless of whether the individual workers get any actual benefit.

I suppose some good might come of this. If the workers succeed in their demands, it will drastically shrink the fast food industry and might help America shed some unwanted pounds. Unfortunately, all the fat that will be trimmed will go directly to the unemployment office. One way or another, we’ll all pay for the SEIU lining its pockets.


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