Father Jailed for Exercising 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech

When our Founding Fathers adopted the First Amendment giving Americans the right to speak freely about our government and system, they placed no real restrictions on that speech. Today, only certain people are allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights and others are not.

For example, look at what so many protesters have been saying about what happened in Ferguson and New York. Go back a couple of years to Florida and Trayvon Martin. Members of the New Black Panthers posted rewards for the death of George Zimmerman and no one was arrested or punished. Activists of late have been calling for the arrest and prosecution of white police officers for doing their job. I’ve even seen some posts that called for Officer Darren Wilson to be strung up in a tree and hanged for his alleged racist murder of a poor defenseless black thug.

If you’re black or Hispanic, you can say virtually anything you want and get away with it because of your First Amendment rights.

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If you’re a Christian, you’re not allowed to speak out against homosexuality or any other sin. Preaching the Bible is close to becoming tantamount to hate language when it talks about sinful lifestyles and things that are an abomination to God.

If you’re white, you can’t say a lot of things against people of different ethnic backgrounds nor are you allowed to openly criticize members of the Democratic Party or liberal judges. Consider the case of Dan Brewington, a blogger from Indiana.

Brewington was involved in a nasty divorce case in 2007. His estranged wife hired a psychologist who testified that joint custody would not work because the parents were incapable of communicating with each other. The psychologist recommended that the wife got full custody, but that Brewington should have liberal visitation rights.

The blogger did not react well to the psychologist’s recommendation and sent a number of letters to him that were deemed to be abusive. The psychologist filed a complaint against him for the letters. The judge in the case then declared that Brewington was irrational, dangerous and in need of significant counseling and then awarded full custody of the children to the wife.

That caused Brewington to turn to his blog where he wrote critical blogs about the judge. He referred to the judge as a child abuser, saying that he made that statement because the judge took the children away from a capable parent.

Under Indiana law, Brewington’s blogs were deemed to be a form of intimidation and he was charged, convicted and sentenced to two and half years in prison.

He has continued to try to appeal the judge’s ruling against him but so far to no avail. The blogger served his sentence and has now petitioned the US Supreme Court to hear his case. He claims that he had the First Amendment rights to call the judge a child abuser and that being convicted of doing so publicly violated his constitutional rights. He wants the high court to overturn his conviction and clear his name.

Now I ask you, which is worse: posting that a judge is a child abuser or posting a reward for the murder of someone who was acquitted of a crime? Is it that wrong for a white man to voice his anger with a psychologist when it’s not wrong for blacks who have absolutely no connection to Ferguson or New York to call white police officers name and demand that they be arrested and imprisoned?

The New Black Panthers who posted a reward for the murder of George Zimmerman are friends with Barack Obama. Obama marched with them before illegally moving into the White House and then forced the Justice Department to drop charges against two of them for voter intimidation that was caught on video.

So who is really protected by the First Amendment and who isn’t? It seems that it is now based upon the color of your skin or religious beliefs and if you’re a white Christian, you have a lot less First Amendment rights than a black liberal like Al Sharpton.

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