Fear and Common Sense On Guns According To Mark Kelly

This editorial is getting some attention in the press. Mark Kelly, the husband of Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords who famously survived a hostile gunfire wound, wants the National Rifle Association to fire Wayne LaPierre. The obvious reason for this recommendation is because LaPierre thwarted Kelly’s will. But Kelly is confident that a lot of people in the NRA also share Kelly’s own agenda and that they were thwarted too. In Kelly’s mind, all these majority of NRA members were also thwarted by LaPierre. Odd that none of them seem as upset as Kelly is.

Despite his nice tone (or deceitful flattery) Kelly says some things that are completely bogus and will earn the distrust of most NRA readers. Especially this:

“The NRA’s two best fundraising months of the past year came immediately following the shootings in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn. Guns fly off the shelves after tragedies because LaPierre and the gun manufacturers he represents exploit people’s fears. In return, gun manufacturers gave LaPierre and the NRA tens of millions of dollars last year alone – and he spent almost $1 million of it on his own salary. Everyone in the gun lobby gets rich when the gun manufacturers sell the most guns.”

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What amazing delusion. LaPierre doesn’t have the ability to suddenly increase consumer spending on firearms at the amazing rate that has taken place. Those tragedies produce fear and the response of the Obama-Media Complex produced fear. 1. People were reminded that bad people can hurt and kill others and decided they’d better arm themselves. 2. People saw the Left licking their chops, and exploiting the tragedies in order to do as much as they could, to restrict the Second Amendment, and that terrified them. Wayne LaPierre is not some charismatic Rasputin who can hypnotize the public. But the media’s incessant call for disarming everyone other than government agents—that can truly terrify them.

Obama made the NRA successful.

The “gun lobby” didn’t manufacture fear. They felt it. It was easy to pass on because the people felt it too.

When gun manufacturers saw the government launching a major attack on their business, they naturally fought back. They weren’t trying to increase profit margins; they were trying to make sure the Second Amendment was still the law to the land. They wanted to know they would still be able to sell to people other than the police, national security forces, and the military. When you see the full force of the entire political and celebrity class trying to wipe out your way of life, you don’t say to yourself, “Well, I’ll go settle for half with them.” No. Whether it is fear or common sense in a battle you push back as hard as you can. Personally, I think it was common sense. But, either way, in that fight they didn’t feel like compromising unless they had to.

And they didn’t have to. You lost to the will of the people. Your 70-percent number is questionable (as is Obama’s whining about the alleged “ninety percent”). It probably indicates where people would compromise, if they had to.

But again, they didn’t have to.

You just lost. Get over yourself. And if you want to object to corporations controlling people, worry more about officers in government, not in voluntary organizations.

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