Fed Court Supports Democrats War on Women

A number of states have enacted laws to help protect women. One of those laws is to require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital. These laws were enacted after a number of women died or nearly died at the hands of abortion doctors who did not have hospital admitting privileges.

Even though liberal Democrats claim that Republicans have been waging a war on women, it’s really the Democrats that have little regard for the health and safety of women. In states that have passed this law, Democrats have filed lawsuits to block the law, claiming that it is denying women the right to murder their unborn children.

Mississippi was one of the states that passed a law in 2012 requiring abortion doctors to have admitting privileges. As soon as the law was passed, liberals ran crying to the courts because they didn’t want to protect the safety and health of Mississippi women.

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They claimed that the new law would close the only remaining abortion clinic in the entire state and that would be unconstitutional. The question of why the abortion doctors at the clinic could not obtain admitting privileges didn’t seem to matter to them.

It seems that the Jackson Women’s Health Organization (hypocritical name for a place that murders babies) uses visiting doctors from other states who travel to the clinic several times a month. The doctors had applied for admitting privileges with hospitals in the Jackson area, but none of them replied to the requests. A number of the hospitals have religious affiliations which believe abortion is murder so it’s only natural that they would not agree to be part of the baby killing machine. Why none of the other local hospitals refused to respond or grant admitting privileges has never been answered.

The case to block the law and the closing of the last abortion clinic in the state ended up before the 5th Circuit US Court of Appeals. In July of this year, the court ruled 2-1 to block the law from being enforced. They said that they believed the law was unconstitutional.

The State of Mississippi appealed to the full 5th Circuit panel. Earlier this week, the full 5th Circuit court refused to hear the appeal, leaving the block of the law in place.

Gov. Phil Bryant, a conservative Republican, responded to the court’s refusal to hear the case by saying that he is prepared to take the state’s appeal to the US Supreme Court. Bryant has made it clear over the past couple of years that he wants to end all abortion in his state, which is one reason liberals have been giving the court in their fight to preserve the right to murder babies.

This is further proof of which political party really values women and which one is waging a war against them. The Democratic Party fights for the right to commit murder while the Republican Party fights to protect the unborn along with the safety and health of women.

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