Federal Government Grows Larger Due to Obama’s Immigration Memo

The federal government is the largest employer in the United States. If you look online, you will find that most search engines list Walmart as the largest employer in the US with around 2.2 million workers, but the US government employs over 4.3 million workers, of which 1.5 million are uniformed military personnel. Even if you don’t count uniformed military personnel, the federal government is the largest employer with over 2.8 million employees.

Two years ago I reported that the Obama administration had been hiring an average of 101 new employees every day, including holidays and weekends for over 1,400 days. It was like feeding a cancer that was bound to consume and economically destroy the country. A large part of that hiring involved the Affordable Care Act and the staffing of the hundreds of different agencies, departments and regulators necessary to implement the nations socialist healthcare program.

Every time Obama opens his mouth or moves his pen, it seems to result in hiring more people into the federal workforce, even when it’s nothing more than a ‘memo.’

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Remember last month when Obama went on television to announce his memo to delay the deportation of nearly 5-6 million illegal aliens? Well, you guessed it – more federal hires.

It only took Citizenship and Immigration Services, an agency within the Department of Homeland Security, 10 days to post that they were looking to immediately hire 1,000 new employees. Their jobs will be to process the millions of expected cases of illegals applying for delayed deportation.

Why the hurry to hire so many? After Obama made his announcement, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson took it upon himself to extend the parameters of those covered by the delayed deportation, which some say could result in up to 20 million illegals.

Not only is CIS hiring 1,000 new federal employees, but they have leased a new shiny office building in Crystal City, California, a suburb between Los Angeles and Long Beach. The initial lease of the building cost taxpayers $7.8 million dollars and CIS expects to be open for business in January.

When Barack Obama first took office, the median salary for federal employees was around $65,000 per year. That has steadily increased to over $73,000 per year in 2013. If the average starting salary is only about $50,000 per year, then adding 1,000 new employees will account for an additional $50 million per year in just salaries. If you add all of the perks and benefits that go along with being a federal employee, bump that $50 million per year up to $65 million a year or more.

Think about it! Obama’s government is spending at least $70 million a year of YOUR hard earned tax dollars to allow illegals to stay here in the US and take jobs away from American citizens. Additionally they will take full advantage of local, state and federal welfare programs, further depleting already struggling budgets.

Why is all of this happening? Once 20 million illegals obtain valid state driver’s licenses, Democrats will show them how to lie about their citizenship status in order to get them to register to vote so they can cast millions of illegal ballots in 2016.

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