Federal Government Jails Border Patrol Agent and Threatens Family

Not only has the Obama administration sided with illegal immigrants over US citizens, they are now jailing US Border Patrol Agents for doing their job as they are trained to do and then threatening the agent’s family.

Border Patrol agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr. had arrested and detained a teenage Mexican national who had entered the country illegally along with 75 pounds of illegal drugs.  The detainee had been handcuffed but continued to resist the instructions of the agent.  Per official training that all agents receive, Diaz pulled and lifted on the arms of the young man to force him to comply to their orders.

After the arrest, the Mexican consul in Eagle Pass, Texas, filed a complaint with US authorities.  The US Justice Department caved into the Mexican demand and filed criminal charges against Diaz for his actions.  Worse yet, they offered complete immunity to the illegal Mexican drug dealer to testify against Diaz.

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Diaz was found guilty in the District Court in the Western District of Texas.  US District Judge Alia Moses Ludlum sentenced Diaz to 24 months in jail AND a fine of nearly $7,000.  After Diaz was sentenced and taken to jail, he received notice that he had been officially terminated as an agent of the US Border Patrol.

Shortly thereafter, Diaz’s wife, who is also a Border Patrol agent, received a Notice of Intent to Offset.  The letter stated that the total sum of the fine must be paid in full within 60 days.  The letter stated,

“We strongly urge you to pay this debt immediately.  If you do not pay your debt, federal law allows agencies to refer debts to the United States Department of the Treasury for the purpose of collecting debts through the Treasury Offset Program.”

The Treasury Offset Program allows the government to go after any federal or state income tax refunds, federal salary, retirement pay and federal benefits to acquire their payment in full.  Since Diaz’s wife is also a federal agent, that means the feds can and probably will take it from her salary.

US Representative Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California has written to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an explanation for the actions taken by the federal government in this case.  While this may be the proper channel to follow, why would anyone expect Holder to do anything to correct the gross injustice in this case?  Holder and his liberal DOJ comrades probably provided any weapons the illegal drug smuggler had with him.

Andy Ramirez, president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council, is working closely with the Diaz family on the matter and released the following statement,

“It is outrageous that the government, having already prosecuted and convicted an innocent agent of the U.S. Border Patrol, continues to persecute this family in the form of these imposed fines. We do understand that this is a common practice given successful prosecutions. However, this case was a miscarriage of justice as the transcripts and ‘discovery’ demonstrated to our organization, which was why we accepted their request for assistance in the first place.

We call on the American people to assist us with this effort so that the persecution of the Diaz family ends. What is the next form of persecution, a suit by ‘MBE’ the narco-terrorist whose criminal acts were granted immunity from prosecution, while his perjury was ignored by the Justice Department and district court in the Western District of Texas? The persecution of an innocent agent and his family must cease immediately.”

The actions of our government and the Justice Department are beyond reproach.  They are traitorous to US citizens and especially to duly appointed federal officers in general.   If the feds did this to one federal officer they are bound to do it to another.

I not only urge everyone to contact their Senator and Congressman to intervene on the behalf of Diaz and his family, but I also urge every federal law enforcement officer including Secret Service agents that protect all of the DC politicians to go on strike until this matter is resolved.  If the government won’t protect their own agents then why should the agents protect them?


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