Federal Judge Contemplates Punishment for Obama Administration’s Violation of Court Order

In early July, I wrote:

“I’ve lost count of how many times Barack Obama has broken the law and defied court orders. He acts as if he is above the law just like any other dictator has done.”

“On February, Federal Judge Andrew S. Hanen issued an injunction to block Obama’s three year delayed deportation memo. After the injunction was in place, the Department of Homeland Security violated the injunction by issuing around 2,000 delayed deportations or what some refer to as ‘three year amnesties’.”

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“When Judge Hanen learned of the issued amnesties, he was livid and ordered DHS to correct their mistake. Last week Hanen learned that DHS officials still have not resolved their violation of his injunction. They claim that they have changed the 3 year amnesty status to 2 years in accordance with Obama’s previous illegal delayed deportation policy but obtaining their 3 year status cards from the illegals has not been easy.”

This past Wednesday, Judge Hanen listened to Obama’s Justice Department attorney apologize for issuing 2,600 work permits after he had ordered them to stop and he was not a happy man. DOJ attorney James Gilligan told Hanen:

“We apologize for those miscommunications and regret them. They were inadvertent and unintended.”

Hanen quipped back:

“But they were repeated.”

Gilligan went on to tell the judge:

“We weren’t trying to hide anything from the court in the first place.”

Gilligan tired his best to appease Judge Hanen by telling him that they have recovered all but 12 of the 2,600 three year work permits that had been handed out after his order had been given.

Twenty-six states filed the lawsuit to block Obama’s illegal delayed deportation program which called for issuing 3 three year work permits instead of the two year permits his previously illegal immigration policy had done. By the time Hanen ordered the administration to stop issuing the temporary work permits, the government had already issued around 108,000 3 year work permits.

Obviously upset by the actions of the Obama administration and believing their defiance of his order to willfully continue until they were caught, Hanen is contemplating what steps to take next concerning the 108,000 permits issued before his stop order had been rendered. By having a work permit, it also entitles the illegals to a number of benefits at taxpayer expense.

Hanen told the DOJ attorneys that he could just do nothing or he could order immigration officials to turn over the names and locations of all 108,000 permit holders so that either federal or state officials could retrieve them.

This news was well received by the attorneys representing the states. Angela Colmenero, serving as the lead attorney for Texas said that the states would very much like to learn the identities of the illegals holding the three permits and would be more than happy to locate everyone one of them living in Texas and revoke their permits. She said that the federal government needs to ‘go back and unwind these benefits’.

Revoking the illegally issued temporary work permits would save each state involved thousands, perhaps millions of dollars from benefits they would no longer have to pay out to illegals.

I hope Judge Hanen, a Bush appointee, throws the book at the Obama administration and gives the order to revoke and retrieve all 108,000 3 year work permits. I know it would make Donald Trump giddy with joy as it would me.

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