Federal Judge Not Concerned Over Women’s Health and Botched Abortions

Earlier this year, the state of Mississippi passed a law that would require every person who performs an abortion to be an OB-GYN that has hospital privileges in case of an emergency.  State Representative Sam Mims said that the law was simple and straightforward in that it requires an abortionist to have hospital privileges in case of an emergency.

He may have been referring to an incident that happened to a woman in Sharonville, Ohio who nearly died during an abortion because the doctor did not have hospital privileges.  As the woman was coming out of anesthesia, she went into a life threatening continuous seizure.  The doctor called 9-1-1 and ended up having to get another doctor to admit the woman so she could be treated.

The second reason the Mississippi bill was passed is that many in the state, including Governor Phil Bryant who has made no secret of his desire to make Mississippi abortion free, want it passed.

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Opponents of the law believe that it was specifically designed to shut down the one and only remaining abortion clinic in the state.  Jackson Women’s Health Organization runs the clinic and filed suit asking that the law be blocked from taking effect.  They claimed in their suit that having hospital privileges is not necessary and that the law was purposely written to shut them down.

Sunday, just a few hours after the abortion bill went into law, U.S. District Judge Daniel P. Jordan decided that the health and safety of women undergoing an abortion was not as important as the claims of the only clinic providing abortions in Mississippi and issued a temporary restraining order to block the bill from going into effect.  And evidently the abortion clinic also doesn’t care enough about women’s health and safety since they filed suit to block the law.

Judge Jordan set July 11 for a second hearing at which time he may decide whether or not to extend the restraining order for a longer period of time.

Why would anyone be opposed to a law that simply states that anyone performing a procedure that could place the life of a woman in jeopardy, to be qualified and have hospital privileges in case of emergency?  The only reason I can think of is that they are not qualified, do not have hospital privileges and believe they’re right to murder unborn children and place the life of the mother at risk is more important than the safety of the mother. But when have liberal Democrats really cared about the health and safety of women when it goes against their liberal policies?

Besides the ethical and moral question of abortion, anyone that does not have enough qualifications to have hospital privileges has no business performing such procedures on women anyway.  Would you want to be operated on by someone that the medical and hospital boards don’t feel is qualified to do so?

Judge Jordan needs to rethink his restraining order and uphold a legally passed law that only serves to protect women’s health and safety.

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