Federal Judge Slams Special Counsel Mueller’s Team

Wow, this is going to leave a mark. On Friday Judge T.S. Ellis slammed the special prosecutor’s case against Paul Manafort and said that Mueller’s team of prosecutors was only trying to topple the Trump presidency.

Proving the judge is either a fan of this site or a regular viewer of Hannity Ellis confronted prosecutor Michael Dreeben angrily:

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud. You really care about getting information Mr. Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”

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“That’s what you’re really interested in.”

He added:

“The vernacular is to ‘sing,’ is what prosecutors use. What you got to be careful of is they may not only sing, they may compose,”

Under pressure from Ellis, the prosecutors told the Judge that Manafort was being investigated for years before Rosenstein appointed a special prosecutor (primarily between 2005 and 2015). Judge Ellis responded that those facts made dubious to believe that the Mueller indictment had any legitimate connection to the  2016 presidential campaign.

Judge Ellis confronted the prosecutor about the lack of limits on Team Mueller’s prosecutorial power 

“We don’t want anyone in this country with unfettered power. It’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special prosecutor has power to do anything he or she wants,” Ellis told Dreeben. “The American people feel pretty strongly that no one has unfettered power.”

When Dreeben answered Ellis’ question about how the investigation and its charges date back to before the Trump campaign formed, the judge shot back, “None of that information has to do with information related to Russian government coordination and the campaign of Donald Trump.”



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