Federal Spending Needs Emergency Surgery Now!

When a person’s obesity reaches such a morbid state that it threatens the health of the individual, it is often time for emergency surgery.

I read of one case where a middle aged man became so obese that he could no longer stand up, he could barely breath and his heart was about to fail as it could no longer pump enough blood to the entire body. The doctors treating him didn’t think he had enough time for a strict diet or similar long term solution. They had to operate then in order to save his life. During the surgery, they carefully removed as much excess fatty tissue as possible, while still trying to maintain blood and nerve supply to surrounding muscles and skin. They also stapled off most of the mans’ stomach which would help limit the amount of food he could eat at any one time. It was a painstaking surgery that took hours to perform.

After removing over 200 pounds of fat, the man was still not out of danger. He was placed in a care facility that carefully monitored what he ate along with getting him more physically active. Over the next couple years, the man lost an additional 200+ pounds, and had to undergo some additional surgeries to remove the excess skin left over from his heavier days. All toll, he lost nearly 450 pounds over several years of surgery and a very strict and austere diet and exercise program. He said that the entire process was extremely difficult and hard on him but he was so thankful that he stuck it out and that he never felt better. His doctors said his heart and lungs recovered well, and he is not only up and walking but running on a daily basis.

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What really needs to happen is for our Senators and Representatives to think of the budget as a form of critical obesity that needs immediate medical treatment in order to save the patient. They need to first perform emergency surgery to remove as much excessive spending fat as possible. They also need to eliminate economic fat builders such as special riders attached to other legislation that sends millions of dollars to pet projects all over the country. They need to cut fatty foreign aide which would include funding the United Nations. They need to stop being the world’s police and take care of home first. Bring our troops home and place them along the US borders to stop the flow of illegal aliens and drugs.

Additionally, something needs to be done to help give people an incentive to get off of government aid and find a job. I know of a person who has a college degree and is fully capable of working to support his family. However, they receive enough aid (food stamps, health care, etc.) that he has no intention of getting a full time job and will just continue to work small odd jobs here and there. What’s worse is that he is an elected official where he lives. As much as I despised FDR’s radical socialist agendas, perhaps a works program of some sort needs to be implemented where those capable of working have to work for the government that is supplying them with all their benefits that us taxpayers are paying for. Make them work for what they get. This man I know is perfectly capable to work repairing roads, parks, and other on government projects. This would be another way to trim government spending and some of the social welfare programs along with works projects like road and park construction and maintenance.

Like the obese man, the federal government needs to operate now and that operation requires deep and drastic cuts and fat removal. It will need to be followed up with more surgeries and be placed on a strict and monitored program to see that it follows through with the proper economic dieting and proper financial exercising to insure a trimmer and healthier nation. Otherwise, America will no longer be able to stand up its own two legs, it will have difficulty breathing and eventually our country’s economic heart will give out completely and the nation will die.

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