Feds Barricade WWII Memorial But Some Lawmakers Removed Barricades For Veterans

Back in March the federal government was hit with President Obama’s sequestration budget cutting plan.  He had used it as a form of blackmail against Republicans, but the GOP called his bluff, leaving it to Obama to sign the sequestration into law or not.  When he did, the Obama administration did everything possible to make the sequestration hurt the American people, but not the Democrats responsible for it.  They cancelled White House tours but kept paying $100,000 a year for a presidential dog walker and $227,000 for 2 White House calligraphers.  They cut a number of other services and forced many federal employees to take up to two weeks of unpaid furloughs and they did it all in a manner to draw attention to how horrible it was to have to cut spending.  Oh, and let’s not forget about Biden’s trip to Paris that cost taxpayers over $500,000 for a one night stay in a fancy hotel or the numerous vacations of the Obama family, while school kids were turned away from visiting the presidential mansion.

It seems the Obama administration is using the same tactics in the government shutdown.  They are doing things that are totally unnecessary just to make it hard on the American people.  Perhaps one of the worst instances seen already involves the WWII Memorial in Washington DC.  As soon as it was announced that the government was shutting down and that would include the National Park Service, concrete barricades and police tape was placed to block access to the WWII Memorial.

The memorial is an open plaza that really doesn’t need any Park Service employees present, but that didn’t matter to the whiny little boy in the White House who found the GOP standing up to his bullying tactics.  Tuesday morning, a group of 91 World War II veterans arrived on an Honor Flight from Mississippi just to visit the memorial dedicated to them.

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However, there were some in Congress who were determined to do the right thing for a change.  Amidst a crowd of visitors chanting ‘Let them in, let them in,’ former Rep Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) joined a handful of current congressmen and a number of visitors in removing the police tape and concrete barriers, giving the veterans access to THEIR memorial.

Current members of Congress who showed up to help open the WWII Memorial were:

Representatives Bill Huizenga (R-MI), Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Steve King (R-IA) and Steven Palazzo (R-MS).  Believe it or not, one Democrat actually showed up to help and that was Sen. Tom Harken (D-IA).

In a phone interview, Hoekstra told Newsmax:

“This morning, when I heard they were not going to let these veterans in, I was pissed. It’s kind of like we can make everything else in government that is not important keep running but when it comes to honoring these heroes, we’re going to the extra effort of barricading a memorial and having parks folks shut it down.”

Referring to the National Park Service, he continued:

“They accepted this act of civil disobedience by these congressmen and didn’t try to make a scene.”

Hoekstra admitted getting emotional watching the veterans, some in wheelchairs move onto the memorial, saying:

“This memorial took too long to build, but this is one of those days that makes you feel good. Heaven knows politicians get enough blame these days, but these folks had the courage to come down here, challenge the establishment and get it resolved.”

Honors Flight is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise money to send veterans on free trips to Washington DC so they can visit the various war memorials around the city.  Jim McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board for Honor Flight said:

“It’s devastating.  These World War II veterans have been waiting 65 years to see this memorial and for them not to have the opportunity to see it…. I can’t imagine how these veterans might feel going home tonight and not getting their chance.

“For most of them, this is their only chance.  The average age is now around 87-88 and many are in their early 90s. They are never going to get another.”

I’m glad that a few politicians in Washington respect the sacrifices made by so many of our veterans and took action to open up the World War II Memorial for them.  To think that the Obama administration would be that petty to stoop that low is unthinkable, but it is the norm for such a self-centered leadership.  Perhaps the best summation of what took place on Tuesday was penned by Cheri Jacobus on The Hill’s Pundit Blog:

“They fought on the beaches of Normandy. Do we really think a little government shutdown is going to stop these guys?”

If you think the closing of the WWII Memorial was not intentional, consider the fact that the World War I Memorial nearby had no concrete barriers or police tape barricading it.  Could this oversight of the Obama administration be due to the fact that WWI ended in 1918 and even the youngest of veterans would be over 100 years old.  Yet, there are still thousands of WWII veterans alive which undoubtedly caused the White House to order the WWII Memorial to be barricaded closed.

If we had the same kind of military now that we had during World War II, I seriously doubt that Barack Obama would still be in office.  Those men and women that fought so hard, so gallantly, so long and under hellish conditions would never put up with Obama’s crap.  When Obama started asking all of the top military leaders if they would issue orders to fire on the American public, the military leaders from WWII would have responded that if they did, the first shots would be aimed in his direction.

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