Feds Challenging Redistricting Maps, but Only Those Favoring Republicans

A number of states have been busy trying to draw up new districting maps for state and federal legislatures.

In California, the new redistricting map strongly favors Democrats and Latinos who traditionally vote Democratic.  Some state Republicans have seen their districts disappear entirely.  Even though state GOP leaders have vehemently protested the biased new maps, no one in the federal government has blinked an eye or offered to review the legality of the state’s redistricting map.

In Ohio, the new redistricting map strongly favors Democrats and may make House Speaker John Boehner’s bid for re-election tougher in 2012 than in it was on 2010, but despite GOP complaints, no one at the national level is looking into the matter.

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In Texas, the new redistricting map drawn up by the state legislature favors Republicans.  State Democrats and Latinos are up in arms, just like the California and Ohio Republicans were over their maps.  The main difference is that in Texas and Ohio, the courts have stepped in to try to subvert the GOP redistricting and have offered up their own redistricting map favoring Latinos and Democrats.  The case is now before the US Supreme Court who will have the final say.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has also waded into the fray and vowed to use the Department of Justice to the fullest to challenge any state’s redistricting map or voting laws that he feels is unfair.  He has stated the DOJ reviews will be fair and impartial.

Yeah right.  Holder and his DOJ comrades are as fair and impartial as Al Sharpton is non-prejudice.

Additionally, Holder also plans to challenge any state’s voter registration laws that he feels places any specific requirements to register to vote.  Specifically he says that the federal government should automatically register everyone in the nation and that there should not be any restrictions such as photo id, permanent address, etc.

What Holder is really saying and doing is to make sure that Democrats across the nation gain as much of an advantage in redistricting and he wants to remove any voter registration laws that will prohibit any form of voter fraud or people being able to vote more than once.

His actions are the signs of a desperate political party that feels it has to resort to whatever means possible, regardless of how legal or ethical they are, in order to try to win Obama’s re-election.  It’s dirty politics to the core, but what do you expect out of Obama’s Chicago politics.

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