Feds Hypocrisy over Driver’s Licenses, Voter IDs and Illegal Aliens

When Arizona passed their controversial immigration bill in 2010, the federal government went bonkers. They filed one legal challenge after another in an effort to keep the Grand Canyon state from protecting itself against Obama’s illegal aliens. One of Arizona’s measures denied illegals from obtaining valid state driver’s licenses, but the feds got their liberally paid off judge to overturn that provision along with several others in the law.

Now the feds have informed the state of New Mexico that they will no longer accept their state driver’s licenses and it’s all due to them being issued to illegal aliens. That also means that anyone with a New Mexico driver’s license may run into trouble at airports as TSA may not accept them as a form of identification. The Department of Homeland Security recently sent a letter to New Mexico officials that read in part:

“Although DHS recognizes the State of New Mexico’s efforts to enhance the security of its driver’s licenses and identification cards, New Mexico has not provided adequate justification for continued noncompliance with the REAL ID standards that would warrant granting your request for another extension. As a result, federal agencies may not accept New Mexico driver’s licenses and identification cards for official purposes in accordance with the phased enforcement schedule announced on December 20, 2013.”

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Currently, New Mexico law allows the state to issue driver’s licenses to suspected illegal aliens. Gov. Susana Martinez has been trying to change the current law but so far has been unsuccessful and this presents a problem with the REAL ID Act that requires proof of US citizenship.

Demesia Padilla, Secretary of the Department of Taxation and Revenue for New Mexico responded to the letter, saying:

“With this letter, the feds are saying that they are fed up that the Legislature continues to allow the dangerous practice of giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. An overwhelming majority of New Mexicans have been very clear on this issue, and the Legislature should start listening to them before it begins to affect the daily lives of New Mexicans.”

Herein lies the hypocrisy of the Obama administration. First, they fought Arizona to force them to issue driver’s licenses to illegals and then turn around and penalize New Mexico for openly issuing them to illegals.

Secondly, the very same administration fights every voter ID law passed by a state, saying that it discriminates against minorities and poor people. They also fought Arizona over their immigration bill that authorized law enforcement to check citizenship status when stopping someone or making an arrest. But under the REAL ID Act, they require proof of citizenship when obtaining a valid state driver’s license.

It’s not discriminatory to require proof of citizenship when it suits their needs, but when it comes to measures to prevent voter fraud, the Obama administration instantly attacks and claims discrimination. This just helps prove what I’ve been saying all along in that the fight against voter ID has nothing to do with the law or discrimination but everything to do with keeping the doors open for voter fraud. Democrats have been losing ground ever since Obama took office and if they can’t win legally, then they need the options open to win illegally.

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