Feds Pay Baptist Group $182 Million to House Illegal Alien Kids

Have you ever noticed that many liberals are hypocrites? They scream and holler about the smallest connection between anything associated with government and religion, or let me restate that as anything associated with government and Christianity.

Schools have been sued for using church auditoriums for concerts because the school didn’t have a large enough venue for the event. If a local church supports a high school football team by hosting a voluntary prayer rally at the church they are sued. Students are warned about praying at sporting events and teachers have been disciplined for just having Bibles on their desks or wearing a cross necklace.

City and county government officials have been sued for allowing nativity scenes on their grounds or displaying the Ten Commandments. Other city and county officials have been sued for opening their meeting with prayers offered up by Christian clergy but when prayers are offered up by atheists (who do they pray to???) that’s ok.

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Anti-God groups also fight against every piece of government legislation, whether at the city, county, state or federal level that designates a single penny to be given to any Christian associated organization or project.

But when it suits their liberal agenda, they turn the other cheek and say it’s okay.

Case in point is the Baptist Children and Family Services. The Obama Administration has paid the BCFS over $182 million to provide temporary housing for Obama’s illegal unaccompanied children. According to a Judicial Watch report:

“Judicial Watch announced today that on September 9, 2014, it received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that the Obama administration paid Baptist Children and Family Services (BCFS) $182,129,786 to provide ‘basic shelter care’ to 2,400 ‘unaccompanied alien children’ (UAC) for four months in 2014. The BCFS budget included charges for $104,215,608 for UACs at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and an additional $77,914,178 for UACs at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas.”

“The start date of BCFS’s contract was October 1, 2013, but it was signed on June 27, 2014. The project’s end date of September 30, 2016, suggests that the Obama administration anticipates that the ‘surge’ will continue until near the end of his presidency.”

“According to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the cost to the American taxpayer was $86,846.34 per illegal alien child at Ft. Sill, for a total to $104,215,608 for 1,200 UACs from June 12 to October 18. The bill also included $2,648,800 in compensation for 30 members of the BCFS ‘Incident Management Team’ (IMT), for a total to $88,293 per IMT member for the four-month period.”

“The $77,914,178 to care for 1,200 children at Lackland AFB amounted to a cost to the taxpayer of $64,928 per illegal alien child from May 18 to September 18. The Lackland bill included $20,000 for a ‘cable television screen/projector set up’ and 20 shower stalls at $1,000 each…”

So why aren’t organizations like the ACLU or Freedom From Religion Foundation, filing lawsuits against the Obama administration for violating the supposed separation of church and state? Both of these organizations are usually swift to file lawsuits to block any perceived government support or cooperation with any Christian group, but so far they’ve remained silent on this issue.

The answer is simple. Rewarding illegal immigration is part of the Obama agenda and if he can use millions of taxpayer dollars to pay a Christian organization to help accomplish part of that agenda, then fellow liberals are not bound to challenge him. It’s only wrong if it doesn’t support their liberal anti-God agenda, but when it helps them, it’s perfectly legal.

I believe this is a classic example of the hypocrisy of the liberal anti-God left, of which Barack Obama is very much a part of.

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