Feinstein Bill Puts Sights on Parents With Guns

If an outright gun ban doesn’t work for the Left, they’ve got a fallback position.

There’s a draft of Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s  gun-grab bill making the rounds, and it doesn’t just propose to ban the manufacturing and sale of “assault weapons.”

It also mandates restrictions on existing weapons, chief among them storage of firearms.

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The bill would effectively make guns useless by requiring they be put in gun safes or be equipped with a locking device. Anyone who doesn’t follow that advice could be liable if someone gains access to their guns.

The bill includes a long list of people who are prohibited from using guns, but most ridiculous is the prohibition on anyone under 18 from using a firearm. If the bill passes, parents could be treated as criminals if their children do something as innocent as going out target shooting.

I and most of the people I grew up with learned how to shoot when we were between the ages of 10 and 12. Many Americans teach their children responsible firearm usage at even younger ages.

To say the Feinstein bill overreaches in its efforts to restrict gun rights is like saying Godzilla is a minor nuisance to Tokyo, but the restriction on properly trained young people’s access to guns is among the most absurd parts of this dictatorial legislation.

Other questionable members of the “restricted” list are anyone who has been dishonorably discharged from the military, no matter the reason, and anyone who has been indicted — not convicted — of a crime that could carry a one-year or longer sentence, regardless of the nature of the criminal charge.

Among other burdens on owners of existing weapons is a $200 tax to register weapons that have already been bought and for which taxes were already paid.

So if the Left can’t successfully ban guns outright, then liberals intend to make it so expensive and burdensome to own a gun that many people will simply capitulate and surrender their weapons to avoid the bureaucracy.

And despite the recent encouraging trend of sheriffs across the nation publicly stating that they will not enforce unconstitutional weapons laws, the Left still has plenty of thugs with badges to do their bidding, such as San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne, who has thrown his support behind Feinstein’s bill and President Obama’s recent executive actions against guns.

“I could not be more supportive of the president for taking the position he has. I think it’s courageous with the politics involved in this process,” Landsdowne told San Diego 6 in January.

He has previously publicly said that guns could be completely eliminated within a generation.

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