Feinstein: We Must Fight ISIS Now

The debacle President Obama has created in Iraq is so plain that even a stalwart Democrat like Sen. Dianne Feinstein can see it.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Feinstein issued a statement calling on the United States to fight ISIS, also called ISIL, now or suffer the consequences.

“It takes an army to defeat an army, and I believe that we either confront ISIL now or we will be forced to deal with an even stronger enemy in the future,” Feinstein said.

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Wow, logic.

It’s not what you normally hear from the Democrat ranks, but then Obama’s performance in office has been so abysmal that more and more party members seem to be feeling the need to distance themselves. Even Barney Frank was caught criticizing Obamacare the other day.

In the case of Feinstein, despite her many failings, she has often been surprisingly strong when it comes to defending U.S. interests abroad. Obama has got to be licking his wounds today, especially after his Thursday speech in which he promised to drop water and food for the Christians being pursued by ISIS. He thought he would convince the nation that he had approved bombing ISIS troops, and some news outlets are running with that impression today, even though all he really said about bombing is that he would approve targeted strikes if our own personnel were threatened. Otherwise, ISIS has a free hand.

But Feinstein, although she stopped short of using a phrase like “boots on the ground,” made it clear that we need to use real force, in her opinion.

ISIS is “operating with military expertise, advancing across Iraq and rapidly consolidating its position. Inaction is no longer an option,” she said.

Feinstein also pointed out — and this is where being on the Intelligence Committee is handy — that ISIS is recruiting new members from Western countries, including the U.S., training them and sending them to Europe and the United States to “attack us in our backyard.”

Kinda makes you wish we had a border to protect us, huh?

“We simply cannot allow this to happen,” Feinstein said, demonstrating why women wear the pants in the Democratic Party.

She seems to have no illusions about what will happen in Iraq without U.S. intervention.

ISIS is “engaging in a campaign of ethnic cleansing that appears to be attempted genocide,” she said. “I believe that once this group solidifies its hold on what it calls the Islamic State, its next target may be Baghdad.”

Of course it’s going to be Baghdad. When Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq to appease his communist and anti-war supporters, he left completely unguarded a newly rebuilt city that, for the Middle East, is a veritable jewel in the desert.

And with Baghdad, ISIS’ and the Left’s victories will be complete, having erased all the accomplishments of the Bush Administration in Iraq.

According to the New York Times, Obama won’t commit troops to fight ISIS until the prime minister of Iraq resigns. Given his performance in other countries, Obama would prefer someone from the Muslim Brotherhood in charge.

Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood is tied to ISIS and vice versa, which suggests that Obama isn’t committing troops because he actually is supporting ISIS. That fits because he supports ISIS in Syria, where he has used mercenaries and members of the ISIS army to wage his proxy war against the Syrian government.

Feinstein sees clearly what America should do in Iraq, but she seems to have forgotten who she helped put into the Oval Office.

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