Female Marines Failing Physical Tests for Combat

Obama Administration plans to put women in combat roles are being set back because military officials are finding that half of female Marines cannot do the minimum of three pullups in boot camp.

The Marines are now delaying the physical requirement, which had been scheduled to begin with the new year.

The requirement had been part of a plan to equalize physical standards as the Administration pushes women into frontline roles that critics have said all along are not suitable for or doable by women.

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The idea had been that women would have to be able to do a minimum of three pullups to pass their test, eight to get a top score.

The pullups are required because they simulate the upper body strength needed to do things like scale a wall, carry heavy gear or climb a rope.

Three is also the minimum for male Marines, but they have to complete 20 pullups to earn a top score on their annual physical, so the standards are already being lowered for women.

Since the new standard is now being delayed, female Marines in the meantime will be able to choose how they pass that portion of their physical: by pullup, or by performing a “flexed-arm hang” for 15 seconds minimum, with a perfect score for 70 seconds.

Critics point out that working out to be able to perform pullups can build a Marine’s strength, but the flexed-arm hang doesn’t alter a person’s fitness. The test is considered so easy that it isn’t even an option for men.

The various branches of the military have been given until January 1, 2016, to open nearly all combat jobs to women. If they keep some exclusive to men, they will have to give solid reasons why.

While the Administration and military officials have repeatedly assured the public that physical standards will not be compromised by the Administration’s push for “equality,” it continues to look like getting women to meet the same performance standards as men is simply unreasonable.

Common sense says that most women simply will never be as strong as men, but that doesn’t stop the liberal agenda. Blind acceptance of the “equality” mantra will needlessly put young women in harm’s way, in situations they are not capable of handling.

The reason they can’t handle some combat jobs is that women are simply designed differently than men, and there’s no disgrace or ill intent in acknowledging that most women are smaller and physically less durable than most men.

Some combat jobs can be performed by women quite well. There are many fine women pilots, for example. But when you need to tote a heavy machine gun and its ammo across rocky terrain, or just huck a grenade like a 100-yard touchdown pass, it takes a man.

Along with the Administration’s misguided sense of equality comes the opportunity for women to be drafted, as well. There are far fewer women in the military than there are men. If equality is the goal, a draft of women may be the only way to get the numbers equal, coupled with a policy of turning away more male volunteers.

This all comes on top of the Administration’s ambition to make the military some sort of homosexual social experiment, combined with the ongoing persecution of Christians who aren’t down with the homosexual agenda.

When you add all the trends together, it seems the Obama Administration’s goal is a physically weaker, more effeminate military whose members are obedient to the popular secular order above biblical or historical American principles.

The president and his advisers may be living out the liberal dream by severely weakening America’s military preparedness, but their dogma is not in the best interests of the country.

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