Female Transgender Request to Use Boys’ Bathroom Denied by Judge

Last week I reported that parents and students In Hillsboro, New York were in an uproar over the request of a supposed transgender boy to use the girls’ bathrooms and locker room. Anatomically, Lila Perry is a boy and parents were justifiably upset about have a naked boy in with their daughters’ in the locker room.

Now, another transgender student has requested to use the bathroom of the opposite sex only the sexual gender is reversed. Gavin Grimm is a girl who believes she’s a boy and thus wants to use the boys’ facilities at her school.

At the beginning, the school catered to Grimm’s demands, ignoring the rights of all of the boys attending Gloucester High School in Virginia, allowing her to use the boys’ facilities. Then a number of parents complained to the school which responded by changing its restroom policies and assigning Grimm the use of three unisex bathrooms and she was told to use the girls’ locker room.

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Grimm filed a lawsuit with the help of the ACLU, claiming the school was violating her constitutional rights. They also asked for an injunction be issued to force the school to allow Grimm to use the boys’ facilities.

Would it surprise you to learn that the liberal and useless Department of Education disagrees with the school’s decision and sent a statement of interest to the court, claiming that the school’s new policy is a violation of the Title IX anti-discrimination protection.

However, attorneys for the school board argued in court that they were not guilty of violating Title IX because the policy is the same for all students, not just Grimm. They also pointed out that the Constitution does not designate transgender as a protected class.

US District Judge Robert G. Doumar has just denied to grant the injunction, meaning that Grimm will have to continue to use the girls’ facilities and/or the unisex bathrooms. Doumar also cited that federal law gives schools permission to establish the use of bathrooms based on sex as he dismissed the Title IX discrimination claims made in the lawsuit.

Naturally the ACLU has not accepted legal defeat and has vowed to file an appeal as soon as possible. Joshua Black, an ACLU attorney involved in the case told the media:

“As a result of the decision, Gavin will have to start the school year under a demeaning and stigmatizing policy that relegates him to separate restrooms from his peers. We expect today’s decision to be reversed on appeal.”

But what about the rights of the other 99.9% of the students in the school? Don’t their rights matter? America was founded on the principle of majority rule, but these days, it’s the whining minorities that get their way over the rights of the majority.

Speaking at a jury hearing, Judge Doumar stated:

“What happens where is a question of precedence. I worry about precedence. If we cut out the (policy), does it mean anyone who genuinely believes they are of the opposite sex can use any restroom?”

And that’s exactly what the liberals and sexual perverts want. They want all sexually related laws and policies throughout the nation so they are free to live out their deviant fantasies. They hunger for the chance to intrude on the privacy of others and feed their sinful appetites. Pedophiles and child molesters want nothing more than to be able to prey on children of any sex in any bathroom they choose. Rapists and molesters salivate for the day they can legally enter any public bathroom they want in search of fresh prey.

If Doumar rules in Grimm’s favor, he will be helping to set the precedent that will grant all of these sexual perverts their heart’s desires and no child or woman will be safe to use any bathroom in America except the one in their own home. We all need to pray that Judge Doumar does the right thing and rule in favor of the school and protect the rights and safety of millions of people.

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