Feminists Think Weiner’s a Stand-Up Guy

“Oh, I wish I were a Democratic Weiner.
That is what I’d truly like to be.
Cuz if I were a Democratic Weiner,
Feminists would be in love with me.”

Serial sexter Anthony Weiner’s been a bad boy again, sending naughty photos of himself to miscellaneous Internet women — at least, we assume they’re women — even after he was pressured to resign from Congress … for sending naughty pictures of himself to miscellaneous women.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill pervert who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, Weiner clearly put some thought into his recidivism, choosing the name Carlos Danger to cleverly disguise his tracks.

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(Disguising some of his body parts, or at least changing cell phone numbers, would have been a better idea.)

But here’s the weird thing: The girls love him, particularly his wife, Huma Abedin, who was the Muslim Brotherhood’s connection to Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

After all the griping about the Republicans’ supposed “war on women,” the feminazis are just all hot and bothered for the appropriately named Mr. Weiner. For many of them, it may be the first time they’ve chosen a Weiner to put in office or anywhere else. (What? Sounds like “winner” … get your minds out of the gutter, ya deviants.)

I remember Rush Limbaugh getting in trouble for using the word “slut” to describe Sandra Fluke (rhymes with “truck” and similar sounding words), then a short time later, Planned Parenthood came out with a video aimed at young women, telling them “there’s a little bit of slut in all of us. So embrace it!”

The flip side of that is if you for some reason marry one of your hookups and he cheats on you, you get to stand by him publicly while he continues to prove to the world that you’re just not all that and a bag of chips in bed.

In fact, the media were praising Huma “Not Taking His Last Name” Abedin for standing by her man — who also happens to be the man of several Internet sluts, both known and unknown.

Because, as one liberal news woman put it, 98 percent of men cheat, so what’s the big deal?

So this is the sum of victories of feminism. Liberal women are now allowed to aggressively slut around (say it loud and proud) and be abandoned by nearly every man they meet, until “their man” decides to cheat, at which point all these “lionesses” suddenly turn into mice.

You’ve come a long way, baby, and gotten exactly nowhere.

The feminist perspective never made sense because women have traditionally had the power in relationships, even if they didn’t realize it. The issue of physical abuse is something else, but in normal relationships, it’s the woman who sets the moral tone by being clear about what she will and won’t put up with. If a woman is so down on herself that she’s sleeping with guys on the first date to make them like her, then the only guys she’s ever going to meet are men who will use her then disappear.

If a woman puts up with her husband tomcatting around or sending naughty pics to his little girlfriends, that’s what’s going to happen.

Obviously, women like Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton stay with sexual deviants like their husbands because they want to keep access to power and influence. Even a pervert like Anthony Weiner has powerful friends.

Just don’t try to make these women who give up pride for power into role models.

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