Ferguson on Fire After Cop Found Guiltless

I feel sorry for Officer Darren Wilson. When he shot the street thug Michael Brown, that should have been the worst day of his life.

Not only was he badly beaten by a young brute, but he ended up having to take a human life, and that’s something that, despite all the racial media huff-and-puffery, you don’t just walk away from unchanged.

Oh, but things can always get worse, as Wilson found out.

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Now in hiding, and unlikely to ever again be able to show his face in public, Wilson was finally cleared Monday by a grand jury that decided there was no basis for charges against him in Brown’s shooting.

But instead of being a cause for celebration, news of Wilson’s innocence was greeted by fires, looting, gunshots and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri.

You’d think African-Americans in Missouri would register the irony of a black mob trying to lynch a white policeman.

You might think that Missouri’s history as a slave state would make blacks more introspective when it comes to race issues, but in Ferguson, introspection is trumped by the opportunity to loot new TVs and other household goods.

Then there’s the first black president, Obama, pouring gasoline on the fire. Even while he called for calm, he blamed the violence in Ferguson on racism in law enforcement and society at large.

Saying that problems won’t be solved by smashing windows, Obama went on to say that “communities of color aren’t just making this up.”

Oddly, Obama even took some time to give the media directions, telling them they have a “responsibility” to focus on Brown’s parents, community leaders, civil rights leaders and activists.

That is for the most part what the media have been doing, and a big part of the reason that Ferguson is still reeling from violence .

Wilson may eventually be able to settle somewhere far away from Ferguson and get some semblance of his life back, but he’s not out of the woods yet.

He’s still under investigation by the corrupt Eric Holder, first black attorney general, who has sicced the FBI on him. Holder is well-known for playing racial politics, and there’s nothing he’d like better than to nail a white police officer to the wall for the rioters in Ferguson.

Obama’s election was supposed to represent the great “healing” of race relations. Instead, his Administration has divided this country along racial lines that many people had forgotten existed until Obama came along.

Ferguson is Obama’s legacy, and the legacy of every two-bit, race-baiting socialist in the streets or in the media who has set foot near Ferguson.

But the people of Ferguson, including Brown’s family, need to start taking responsibility. If they had put as much energy into that child’s upbringing as they have into his death, things could be very different today.

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