Ferguson Protesters Need Time in Jail, Not Rap on the Knuckles

A pre-Thanksgiving message to all the “protesters” in Ferguson, and especially all the protesters of the grand jury decision who are trying to cause trouble in other cities: Grow the hell up, already.

At least one person has been found dead in Ferguson after rioting following the grand jury decision, numerous people’s livelihoods have been destroyed in fires that burned businesses to the ground, countless people have been injured, including several self-described “journalists” who don’t have enough common sense to stay out of the way.

There have been violent demonstrations in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Portland and other cities. Police arrested more than 180 people in Los Angeles after the 101 Freeway was blocked and businesses were being vandalized. State police arrested 51 in Boston.

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Most of those arrested were charged with a misdemeanor and let go. A little jail time would have been a better idea.

Across the country, drivers have been attacked and bystanders assaulted just for being white. Police officers have been confronted and taunted by people spoiling for a fight. Numerous officers have been injured.

And all for what?

Some worthless piece of trash thug who had beaten up a store clerk and a police officer.

When Michael Brown assaulted Officer Darren Wilson, he was trying to take Wilson’s gun. Can you imagine if he had gotten it?

Chances are we’d be looking at a dead police officer.

And the filth that are tearing up Ferguson and other major cities would be just fine with that.

Through all of the long weeks since Brown was shot, there was a current of sympathy for his mother and family. No matter what sort of criminal Brown was, his family had lost someone close to them.

No more. I’m officially off that bandwagon. The media are trying to maintain the facade that the Brown family is urging peace, but they’re not.

On Monday night, before the rioting started, and standing next to Brown’s mother, Michael Brown’s stepfather repeatedly yelled for the mob surrounding him to “Burn this bitch down!”

Then there was President Obama, calling for calm with one side of his mouth, criticizing racist law enforcement and encouraging angry overreaction with the other side of his mouth.

When the smoke cleared in Ferguson, one man was dead, numerous buildings were torched and the Brown family’s church was burned to the ground.

Pastor Carlton Lee blames white supremacists. (They must have sneaked past the hordes of angry black vandals, looters and arsonists who were protecting the church.)

Lee himself is a piece of work, having called for the arrest of Wilson long before the grand jury had completed its investigation, and generally keeping things whipped up in his corner of town.

When critics have said that this violence is being encouraged by race-baiters in the media, it’s no exaggeration.

Time magazine has run a column proclaiming the riots “necessary” and good for the “evolution of society.” The columnist labels rioters “change agents.”

Meanwhile, if you want to know where to take the kids for a good time throwing Molatov cocktails, you can find a map of the protests over at CNN. The Huffington Post, which thanks to its backing by AOL is the largest source of online news in the country, repeatedly tweeted and posted “how to find a Ferguson protest in your area.”

Nothing like responsible journalism.

Many protesters have been photographed with signs calling for justice, but that’s the last thing any of these “change agents” want.

Justice is calmly investigating the facts of a tragic situation and reaching a reasoned, logical conclusion, then accepting those findings with peace and understanding.

What’s happening in Ferguson and other cities bears more resemblance to a lynch mob and the sorts of intimidation tactics that racist thugs have always used.

And standing in the back of the mob, driving them forward are the media and the White House, both of which are just happy to have something to distract from Obama’s royal declaration of amnesty last week.

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