Ferguson Riots Just an Excuse for Lost Generation

Ferguson, Cincinnati, Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, sports champions and losers, they all have several things in common – riots, racial hatred and turning from God.

We’ve seen lawlessness, riots, looting, arson and physical assaults after some college and sports teams win or lose a national championship. Celebrations of victories quickly degrade into acts of barbarism and animalist behaviors. In most of the video seen in places like Detroit, the majority of those participating in the crimes and violence have been black.

After Los Angeles police beat Rodney King, entire sections of LA were destroyed and burned down. Residents smashed windows and stole from their neighbors. They turned over cars and attacked whites that ventured into their midst.

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With Trayvon Martin, blacks used the excuse of his death to riot and attack whites all over the nation. It didn’t matter that Martin was a criminal thug who had a burglar tool kit and posted on his Facebook page that he wanted go out and fight someone. He had been kicked out of school on more than one occasion. He was looking for trouble and he found it, but that didn’t stop blacks from around the nation from attacking innocent whites, beating them up and shouting ‘this is for Trayvon.’

In 2001, riots took place after a Cincinnati police officer shot and killed a 19 year old black teen by the name of Timothy Thomas. For four days the streets of Cincinnati were not a safe place to be. It was estimated that the city suffered nearly $4 million in damage and then lost another $10 million by the boycott that followed. Blacks used the shooting as an excuse to commit crimes in large crowds believing that they could get away with it. They behaved more like animals than people.

And now Ferguson, Missouri is going through the same thing. The media and black activists portray Michael Brown like they did Trayvon Martin as an innocent victim. Yet like Martin, Brown was a thug and a criminal. Only ten minutes prior to being shot by Officer Darren Wilson, Brown robbed a convenience store. When Wilson confronted Brown about the robbery, Brown fought back and during the struggle, Wilson shot and killed Brown.

But that information did not stop black activists and racial bigots like Al Sharpton from descending upon Ferguson like vultures on a carcass. They’re not there to help the town heal from the tragedy, but to throw fire on the flames of racial hatred. Blacks are being fueled by the fire of hatred and bigotry and are using that as an excuse to act like pagans with no dignity and no faith in God.

All these things are to be expected from a generation that has turned away from God and His statues, teachings, values and morals. It’s a proven fact that a vacuum cannot exist in an open system, so when you remove God, something else moves in to take His place. That something else is sin; evil, cruel, full of hatred, greed and self-centeredness.

It’s been nearly two generations since God has been systematically removed from our public schools and government, and now we sit back in horror as people act like the animals they are taught to be. With hearts and minds full of sin, the shooting of Michael Brown is nothing more than an excuse to let loose those sinful desires and lusts, like the Israelites did when Moses was on the mountain and they built the golden calf and danced before it.

You can see the sinful debauchery in our society when movies like The Hunger Games and The Purge are so popular and when the bestselling video games are all about killing other people and destroying everything around. Traditional marriage is being replaced by open homosexuality, same-sex marriage and rampant sex outside of marriage. School kids are being taught to ignore their parents and do what they want.

Ferguson isn’t about the shooting of Brown; it’s about America turning its back against God.

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