Fighting Back Against a Computer Virus

You’re on the Internet reading email, see an interesting ad, click on it  and everything goes “BLOOEY!”  A strange female voice comes on saying your computer has a virus and you are to call Microsoft at “1-800-4XX- 3XX4,” and Microsoft will repair your computer, or it will melt in three minutes if you do not call “1-800-4XX-3XX4.” You doubt Microsoft would do this, but…

You wail “Oh my God!” dial “1-800-4XX-3XX4” and get a man with an East Indian accent who insists he is with Microsoft and he can fix your computer for only $149.95!  “What to do?” you ask yourself as a cold chill runs down your leg.  Well OK, you maybe it was a warm one, but now your computer is making all kinds of strange noises and now you are sure this is not Microsoft.

Relax, we are going to fix your computer for nothing.

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Step 1. – Shut down the machine to stop the noises of flushing toilets, ringing doorbells and Peewee Herman theme songs the cyber attackers have given you.  Wait one minute then restart the computer.

Step 2 – Move the mouse arrow to the lower, left-hand corner of the screen and click it it in the box containing the “Type here to search” legend.

Step 3 – Input “Apps & Features”  You will see a new page appear and on the right side top a long list of program titles. Look for any that have your day’s date as they have been installed that day!

Step 4 – Delete that program by putting the mouse arrow on it and clicking to get a drop-down action menu with the “Delete” choice and hit it.  The program will be gone.

Do not be concerned that you have removed anything of importance as the most important thing an innocent file could be is a set of update data for a resident application that is updated frequently.  It will still function without the most recent data and will be properly updated in a day or two.

When you have gone through the list, do it again to be sure you have not missed anything and delete any missed on your way down the list.  When you are finished, exit that routine and continue to the main screen and start your browser again.


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