Finally Someone Is Talking About Obama’s Imperial Presidency

Many conservative writers like myself, have been commenting on Obama’s continual abuse of power by using executive orders to illegally bypass Congress.  He acts as if he is above the law like an imperial monarch.  In fact, I predict if he wins re-election in two weeks that he will become an imperial dictator and free America will be no more.

Virtually none of the mainstream media have reported on this, but that’s expected since they’re in bed with the Obama and his liberal entourage to begin with.  What is so frustrating is that many conservatives have ignored or refused to say anything about Obama’s imperial ways, but that just may be changing.

Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) House Majority Leader has just released a scathing 8,000 page report detailing Obama’s establishment of an imperial presidency.  In his release, Cantor says that the economy and individual prosperity is being hindered by the Obama administration’s overt lack of respect for the law.  Part of Cantor’s statement reads:

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“Property rights and rule of law are essential for the proper and efficient functioning of society and the economy.”

“When ‘laws’ are created without going through Congress; when laws are selectively executed; when an administration intervenes into the normal judicial process and diminishes an individual’s property rights; and when the normal regulatory process is circumvented, the rule of law is eroded.”

“While administrations of both political parties have been known to test the bounds of the limits of their power, the breadth of the breakdown in the rule of law in recent years has reached new levels.”

The report cites over forty instances where the Obama White House has demonstrated its lack of respect for the law.  Some of the items on the list include:

  • Ignoring Advice & Consent
  • Creating laws outside of the Congressional process
  • Ignoring the Plain Letter of the Law
  • Failing to Faithfully Execute the Law
  • Circumventing the Normal Regulatory Process
  • Government By Waiver
  • Creating New Programs Not Authorized by Congress

Cantor concludes by writing:

“There is no excuse for this continuous disregard of legislative authority and the Constitutionally-required separation of powers.”

“This is no way to govern. The President has set a precedent that even his supporters should find troubling. . . . The Founding Fathers wisely gave the President many powers, but making law was not one of them.”

Stand up and cheer and Eric Cantor, but what is anyone going to do about it?  They’ve allowed Obama to get away with all of this since he first took office.  The Justice Department won’t do anything about it because they have been Obama’s accomplice from the very beginning.  Congress won’t do anything with the election this close.  Even if the House were to impeach Obama, the Democratic controlled Senate would not act upon it.

Our hope lies in the election on November 6 and that Romney will win.  But with Obama’s flagrant disregard for the law and Constitution, who knows what further mayhem he’ll try to create in the two and half months between election day and Romney being sworn in as the next President of the United States.  I wouldn’t put anything past Obama at this point.

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