Firearm Background Checks Out Pace Obamacare Purchases 63 To 1

Americans are not behaving the way President Barack Obama wants them to.

Obama wants nothing more to than to take guns out of the hands of Americans.  He has tried to pass legislation to restrict gun ownership with the ultimate goal of outlawing all firearms from private ownership.   His efforts have led to record numbers of firearm background checks along with gun and ammo purchases.  The more Obama tries to destroy the firearm industry, the more he actually helps them, boosting sales to record numbers.  For the month of October, the FBI reported 1,687,599 applications for firearm background checks.

Obama also tried hard to get a mandated universal background check for all gun owners who already own a firearm.  There are millions of guns in the hands of private law abiding citizens that have never been registered because they were purchased prior to the time the federal government required the registration of each firearm purchase.  Then you have all of the guns that have been handed down from grandfather to grandson or any other private gifting.  Millions of guns have also been sold by private individuals to another person and there is no record of these sales.  The bottom line is that the federal government has no idea of the location or ownership of millions of firearms.

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On the flip side, President Obama is forcing Americans to purchase healthcare insurance through either the federal or state exchange programs.  Supposedly, the main goal of Obamacare was to get healthcare coverage for every person in the nation; however, I believe it is more about gathering personal information and spying on the American people.  Obama anticipated that at least 500,000 people would have purchased their healthcare insurance through during October, but just released figures say that only 26,794, less than 10% of the projected figure.  That means that there were 64 firearm background checks in October for every 1 person that purchased healthcare through

Not only were there less than 27,000 people who successfully purchased their healthcare coverage through the federal exchange program but another 3-5 million people with existing policies are receiving cancellation notices.  The final figures for Obamacare for the month of October are actually a negative 2.5-4.5 million.

I find these two statistics to be strong indicators of just how the American people really feel about Obama’s programs and ideologies.  He tries to eliminate guns and 1.6 million people apply for background checks to purchase them.  Obama mandates that people purchase healthcare coverage and fewer than 10% of his projected number complied.  Worse yet, another 3-5 million lost their coverage with another 10-15 million are facing cancellation of their policies as well.

The American people are sending a clear message that they disagree with Obama’s policies.  Perhaps Obama should use reverse psychology and pass a law requiring every American to purchase a firearm and then pass another law trying to restrict and limit the opportunity to purchase healthcare coverage and see what happens?

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