First Gay General Sign of Obama Tailoring Military to Support His Dictatorial Takeover

In many of my previous writings, I’ve stated my belief that if Barack Obama gets elected to a second term that he will purposely cause an economic emergency which will allow him to exercise all of the powers he has given himself.  He will declare martial law, disband Congress and assume dictatorial control of America.

The most frequent question I’m asked in response to this is, ‘do you think the military will support him?’

I believe in about 2-3 years the answer will be yes.

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There was a reason Obama pushed the Pentagon to allow gays to openly serve in the military and to carry out policies that will drive many traditional members of the military to resign and opt out of service.

A number of career military personnel already opted out of the service once they opened the doors to homosexuals.   I recall watching an interview on the news with an Army sergeant who had 15 years in the military.  Rather than serve in close quarters in Afghanistan with homosexuals, he was opting out of the Army, even though he only had five more years till he was eligible for retirement.

This sergeant also expressed concern over Obama’s plans to change the military retirement program so that all retirees will have their retirement go into something similar to a 410k and then they would have to wait until they were 65-67 years old to draw upon it.  One of the things that has drawn many men and women to devote 20 years of their lives to their country was the promise of being able to draw their military retirement after 20 years, allowing them to start a second career in the civilian world and still take care of their families.

The Pentagon, run by Obama’s puppet known as Leon Panetta, has also launched a war on Christianity in the military.  They have taken action to force chaplains to perform duties that are against their religion under threat of court martial.

The Obama administration is also working to open more combat positions to women.  In the past, this has proven dangerous for the women, not because of combat, but from sexual assaults committed by the men serving with them.

From what I have heard and read, the U.S. military will have an entirely different look in another 2-3 years.  It will be run by liberals who will be promoted though the ranks into positions of leadership.  This point came home this week as I read the report of the promotion of Tammy Smith, a lesbian, to Brigadier General.  The promotion ceremony was highlighted when Tammy’s wife, Tracey Hepner, pinned her general star on her uniform.  Smith is reported to be the first openly gay general in the military.  I suspect that she will be joined by many more in the next couple of years, if Obama has his way.

Service men and women who cling to traditional biblical and family values will become a shrinking minority.  Such a liberal army would be more than willing to support Barack Obama’s takeover of America in a couple of years.  Everything else is virtually in place for such a move and the military will be liberally tailored to support it soon enough.

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