First Lesbians, Now Arabs Taking Over Houston

Overall, Texas appears to be a state that is largely conservative. Perhaps that’s true for much of the state but not for Houston.

To begin with, Houston residents voted in a lesbian mayor who could be described as being a hyper gay activist. She has extended special and privileged benefits to gays, lesbians and others with sexual identity issues. Then she started attacking Houston’s top Christian pastors for speaking out against her and defending the Word of God.

Now, a magnet school will be opening its doors in the fall with the purpose of brainwashing American students into becoming good Arabs and not citizens of the US but of the globe. They plan to start with two pre-kindergarten classes that will focus on teaching the wee ones Modern Standard Arabic. The school will add other grade levels up to fifth grade as this first group of kids moves from grade to grade. By that time, the students starting this fall will have had 7 years of Arabic and globalization brainwashing and will be America haters by the age of 10 or 11.

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Kate Adams, Principle of the Arabic Immersion Magnet School told the media:

 “With kids who learn Arabic, as a parent you’re going to set them up for success, as a teacher you’re going to challenge them to do the best they can, but that skill of learning Arabic and being fluent in it really can be life-changing for a Houston kid.”

“In addition to the students being fully functionally bilingual in Arabic and English, the bigger goal for me is that I want our students to be truly global citizens, and so that doesn’t just mean language fluency or cultural fluency. It’s kind of how you look at the world and how you interact with the world.”

One of the main reasons given for opening up the Arabic Immersion school is that Arabic has become the third most common language spoken in Houston behind English and Spanish, prompting Terry Grier, Superintendent of the Houston Independent School District to state:

“Houston is one of the world’s leading energy capitals and it has strong economic ties to the Middle East. Those factors combine to create a significant demand in our city for Arabic language fluency – and we want to meet that demand.”

Shouldn’t American kids be immersed in American history and learning to read and write proper English, instead of being immersed in the language of the culture that is dead set on destroying American and turning it into the Islamic States of America? Too few students are being taught real American history and the things that made America great. Now they want to teach them to be loyal and patriotic to a one world globalism economy and government.

One has to wonder to what flag these students will salute and what Pledge of Allegiance they will recite. Will they study American leaders like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan or Islamic leaders like Ruhollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi and Barack Hussein Obama?

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