First Same-Sex Marriage – Now Transgender Marriage?

The sanctity of traditional marriage has once again been thrust into the national spotlight with Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy standing up for biblical marriage.  What’s so sad about the reaction is that politicians are going to block any plans to open a Chick-fil-A restaurant in their town because of Cathy’s statement.  They claim that he and his company is anti-gay, but that is not what Cathy said.  What he said was that they support traditional marriage of one man and one woman.  Cathy was standing up for his Christian beliefs, and evidently that is no longer allowed in America or in business any longer.

Same-sex unions and marriages are being pushed in state legislatures all over the country.  In many instances, gays have filed lawsuits to force acceptance of their perverse and sinful lifestyle.

Some critics of same-sex marriage have argued that once marriage has been redefined to allow for same-sex unions, what will be next?  That answer can be found in a case originating in the Mediterranean island nation of Malta.  The case is now before the European Court of Human Rights.

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In 2005, Joanne Cassar had surgery to transform him to look like a woman.  After the surgery, Cassar legally had his/her gender changed to female on his/her birth certificate.  Cassar, a self-proclaimed transgender person, Cassar and his/her partner applied for a marriage bann with the Marriage Registrar in Malta.

A marriage bann is the public pronouncement or registration in the case in Malta of the intent to marry.  In some cultures, it can be used interchangeably with what most of us know as a marriage license.

Cassar was denied the marriage bann.  In 2007, he/she filed a civil suit against the Marriage Registrar.  The court ruled in Cassar’s favor and ordered the Marriage Registrar to issue the marriage bann.  The case was appealed and overturned in 2008 and the marriage bann was revoked.

In making their decision, the court said that they would never consider Cassar to be a female according to the Marriage Act.  They also said that the changes he/she had made to his/her birth certificate had no bearing on the issue and they were allowed for the purpose of avoiding embarrassment and for protecting his/her right to privacy.

Cassar then filed a new case with the First Hall of the Civil Court.  In the lawsuit, he/she claimed that the lower courts’ decisions violated her human rights.  In April of 2011, Cassar again won his/her case, only to have it once again overturned by appeal a month later.  In the overturned appeal, the last court ruled that in fact the Marriage Registrar had correctly denied the marriage bann and that the law did not provide for gender changes as in Cassar’s case.

Cassar has now taken his/her case to the European Court of Human Rights.  In 2002, the ECHR ruled in another case where they said that marriage could not be based solely on biological sex, meaning that they were open to other interpretations of marriage.  Therefore, everyone watching this case say the ECHR decision is uncertain.

I know this is taking place in Europe, but if you have watched social changes over the past few decades, you will see an alarming trend that the U.S. pretty much follows what happens Europe, only we do it a few years later.  If the ECHR rules in Cassar’s favor, it would not surprise me to see transgender people in the U.S. taking their cases first to the U.S. courts and then to international or United Nations Human Rights commissions.  With the liberal and spineless politicians we have in Washington, they’ll eventually cave into the pressures of the European and international communities to accept transgender unions.

Once that happens, what will be next?  Group marriage?  That’s already being pursued.  What about marrying children?  Pedophiles would line up for that one.  Eventually it will degrade to the point of marrying animals (after all, according to evolution, we are just another animal) or inanimate objects.  Once the leak is allowed in the dam, it will eventually collapse.

Christians in America need to rise up now and shout louder than the gay activists to protect traditional marriage.  We need to support and elect men and women who will fight to save the sanctity of marriage.  We also need to show our support for businesses like Chick-fil-A who make a public stand for biblical marriage.  We also need to take all of our support away from companies like J.C. Penney, Sears, Starbucks and Target who endorse same-sex marriage.

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