Five Reasons to be Optimistic About America’s Future

I am very optimistic about America’s, as well as the world’s, future. We are in a unique part of world history that has ideas and worldview clashing in such a way where there is no way to escape the onslaught of progressive paganism except to engage it head on. World War I and II brought this unique time into full view of, well, the world. Back then it was a literal war. It was so in-your-face that you couldn’t escape the reality of it. There was literally no where to hide from the destruction and if there was, there was no easy way to get there.

We live in a similar world today, but instead of massive physical wars (there are plenty of wars going on now, but not on the scale of the early 20th century) we are engaged in a war of ideas. The battle has been mainly waged in the classroom by Secular Humanism in an attempt to brainwash children into continuing the Secular cause. These so-called Secular trained Progressives have infiltrated all areas of our society and have changed our country from within with us being the willful recipients of their “change.” We were only willful because their changed happened so slowly we almost didn’t notice it. All of that is changing now. The disgusting fruit of this change has put a sour taste in our mouths and we now realize it is in no way nutritious and we want something better. I believe Americans are willing to fight these so called intellectuals at their own game and force them out of their closet of lies.

My optimism has encouraged me to come up with a short list for why we should be looking forward to our future and not depressed about it.

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1. There is nowhere to run. This is a good thing. We must take a stand and fight or become complacent and accept the inevitable. I believe America’s history shows we never stand down from a fight that threatens our very freedoms. The first settlers to America were able to flee Europe for a better life. We should be thankful they made that decision. Europe is a decaying mess. Europe suffered as a result of that exodus. Americans have nowhere to run that provides for more freedoms than we already have. The only thing to do now is to fix the problems here. The mother of invention is necessity. The mother of worthwhile change is nowhere to run. The reason for America’s success in wars up through WWII was that we had something to fight for. We have something to fight for today.

2. Democrats and specifically Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. To win a fight you need a truly awful villain. You need a villain you just love to hate and we got that in Nancy P. and President Obama. The amount of lies and double-speak these two have engaged in over the past 4 years is almost unbelievable. The Democrats take advantage of the internet whenever possible to push their Socialist agenda but always forget about it when telling lies. These things always come back to haunt you. In this day and age the idea of your sins finding you out isn’t a remote possibility. We know about it instantly. The plethora of evidence of the lies these two have told are so numerous it isn’t funny, but it has built a fire in our chest.

3. The Republican Party. I have already made a list of why today’s Republican Party stinks but they were very useful to us during the Bush years and not in a “they did such a great job way.” The Republicans have so far acted just like the Democrats. They have been so aligned with the Liberals in their spending and political correctness that they have awakened Conservatives from our complacency. We know the Republican Party has been no friend to Conservatism for the past decade or so. They have been buddies with Democrats in destroying our nation, but now we are wise to their act and are currently in the process of eradicating our closet Communists.

4. The TEA Party participants, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin. Love them or hate them, these people have been a blessing for Americans. They have been on the offensive and aren’t afraid of the media. Americans love a good fight and Sarah Palin, Ron Paul, and the TEA Party participants have been winning almost every battle. The sleeping giant is awake inside America and we want our country back. The media can’t keep up. At every turn it tries to defame and destroy these people and at every turn the media ends up looking like a whining baby. Every day, we are rallied by these men and women to understand our history, Constitution, and laws and participate once again as “We the people…”

5. Elections are held every 2 years. Sometimes it seems like an eternity, but 2010 showed us that we can stop the destruction with our votes. 2012 will show us that we can reverse the destruction. We can keep voting until Congress, the President, and every politician understands that being voted in once is not a lifetime job with benefits. Every politician must be held accountable and with every election I believe that will be made known across the nation.

America is not done yet. Our collapse is not certain unless we stay on our current path. I believe Americans are clamoring for individual responsibility and they will fight until they get it back.

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