FL Senate Dems Vote against Bill to Protect Women from Sharia Law

With the huge influx of Muslims into America, we are starting to see their Islamic influence on American culture and law. Schools are starting to teach about Islam where they don’t teach anything about Christianity or Judaism. Our president is obviously much more sympathetic to his Muslim friends than to America’s Christians.

Islamic or sharia law treats women as nothing more than disposable property. Under sharia law, a Muslim father, brother, uncle, husband or son can beat, rape, torture and even kill a female relative if he believes that she has done anything wrong or caused shame on the family.

I just reported the case of an Arizona Muslim who held his wife against her will, raped and beat her and then threatened to kill her. He told her that Islamic law allows him to kill her because he suspected she might be having an affair.

A number of states have been trying to take steps from allowing sharia law to enter the courtrooms in their states. Several of the laws that were passed early on were overturned in courts because they specifically mentioned sharia or Islamic law. So state legislators got wise and began drafting bills that referred to international and foreign laws instead on mentioning sharia or Islamic laws. The states that have passed laws to restrict the use of international or foreign laws in their courts include Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota and Tennessee.

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Florida is now working to pass a similar law. State Sen. Alan Hays (R-Umatilla) introduced SB 386 which would restrict any foreign or international law from being used in any Florida court in matters of divorce, alimony, division of marital assets, child support and custody.

Hayes commented about his reason for introducing the bill:

“For those people who want to come to America we welcome them, but when you come to America you’re going to be governed on American laws and when you come to Florida you’re going to be governed on Florida laws. We dare not apologize for that, folks. This is a very good bill. It’s an all American bill.”

The bill was scrutinized by a staff review which stated:

“As religion is not mentioned at all, the court will deem it facially neutral.  A court will then apply the Lemon test (a legal test), and likely find both a secular government purpose and that the law does not facilitate excessive governmental entanglement with religion. Because of this, a court will likely uphold the law from a First Amendment challenge.”

The Florida Senate voted on the bill and it passed 24-14. There are 14 Democrats in the Florida State Senate and all 14 voted against the bill. Some of the Democrats commented that they voted against the bill because they felt it targeted specific religious groups, referring to Islam. The bill has now gone to the House where a similar bill passed last year.

Prior to the vote, the Florida chapter of CAIR, an Islamic group that has been linked to Islamic extremists and terrorists in the past, sent letters to GOP senators urging them to reject the bill. Hassan Shilby, Chief Executive Director of CAIR-FL wrote:

“If you remain silent while party organizations invite Islamophobic speakers and GOP legislators support bills driven by anti-Muslim bias, your party risks alienating one of the fastest growing groups of American voters. Florida now has 150,000 registered Muslim voters. The GOP cannot afford to continue to alienate a minority growing in influence, especially in a key swing state such as Florida.”

If Muslims claim that they have no intention of changing American culture or laws, then why are they so upset when Americans take measures to prevent it from happening?

State Sen. Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood) said she opposed the bill because no foreign laws have ever been implemented in Florida courts or in the courts of any other state. Evidently she is unaware of the case in Pennsylvania where Islamic law was used to dismiss an assault case involving a Muslim man beating an atheist dressed like a zombie Muhammad for Halloween. The assault was caught on video and witnessed by a police officer. The judge, who just happened to be a convert to Islam dismissed the case and chastised the victim because what he did was an offense to Islam.

US Rep. Keith Ellison has introduced a piece of legislation that would impose a tax on all financial interest and gains because they are a sin in the Islamic religion. His bill is his way of penalizing those who sin against Islam.

Muslims are working to change American law and impose their women hating laws on all of us. The women of Florida should be up in arms about the Democratic opposition to a bill that protects their rights. If sharia law becomes the norm, they will lose many of the rights they have and their lives will be worse than before they had the right to vote. The Florida Republicans were protecting women’s rights by voting for this bill and they need to make that known in their campaigns.

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