Florida County to Prosecute Homeschool Families for Failure to Enroll Kids in Public School

Public schools have never truly supported homeschooling. They get federal money for every student that attends a public school so they look at homeschooling as stealing their federal funding.

Additionally, the main goal of the public education system in America today is to take every child in the nation and turn him or her into a willing slave of their socialist philosophy. Public school students are taught that they don’t have to respect their parents’ authority and that it was okay to do things like have sex and even an abortion without letting their parents know. They are taught that America, Christians and conservatives are the cause of all of America’s problems. Instead of being taught to be loyal and patriotic to America like I was taught, they teach students to be loyal and patriotic to globalism. Basically, public schools teach a perverted history and set of moral values.

Most homeschooling families teach their kids conservative Christian values. They teach their kids the true history of what made America great and to be patriotic to our country, not the world. They teach their kids to respect their parents and to confide in them. Basically, they teach their kids what the public school system works hard to overcome.

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There are some places in the nation where local public school districts actually work with homeschooling families and groups and provide some services for them. That used to be the case in Santa Rosa County, Florida. For a number of years, they gladly provided a number of programs for homeschoolers, but that has all changed when a number of new homeschooling families moved into the district.

The Santa Rosa County School District recently cancelled many of the programs they have been providing to help homeschoolers. Worse yet is the letter that homeschool parents who recently moved to the county received, informing them that they must enroll their children in public or private school within three days or face prosecution for criminal charges. The district claims that it’s a matter of residency and that new families moving into the area have not proved that they are now legal residents.

TJ Schmidt, a staff attorney with the Home School Legal Defense Association said that the districts actions are overstepping their authority and amount to harassment, explaining:

“These threats against homeschoolers occurred because the superintendent is insisting that parents demonstrate proof of residency before their home education programs can be recognized as legitimate. During the public forum portion of the meeting, school board members heard from passionate homeschool parents (and at least one student) about this overreach.”

“Homeschool parents who had lived in Santa Rosa County for many years spoke fondly of the past relationship with school officials and lamented what had happened to change this attitude. New homeschool families spoke of their anxiety when receiving the district’s threatening letter and demand to enroll their children in public or private school within three days.”

Speaking before a school board meeting, Schmidt stated:

“While a parent must provide the names, addresses, and birthdates of all children they are teaching at home to ‘the district school superintendent of the county in which the parent resides,’ there is no requirement that a parent prove residency. The notice comes after the home education program is established and the local school district has no authority to refuse to recognize the program.”

At the school board meeting, Tim Wyrosdick, Superintendent, read a statement to the large audience that had gathered to protest his actions. A number of homeschool parents and one student spoke out against the actions of the district. HSLDA commented about the statement Wyrosdick read, saying:

“While he mentioned his support of homeschooling and acknowledged that most homeschool families are doing a good job, he continued to insist that the district was within its authority to require that new homeschool families provide proof of residency in order to be seen as legitimate. It appears that he believes homeschool students are enrolled or registered within the district when a parent submits a home education program. This is not accurate.”

“On a more positive note, the chairman and at least one other school board member promised to look into this situation. They appeared genuinely concerned about the threats in the letters from the district. It was obvious that they were unaware of what was being sent out. While the superintendent stated that the letters simply followed state law, this is not accurate.”

As to the Florida law that Wyrosdick referred to, Schmidt pointed out:

“The only authority under Florida law for a school district to ‘terminate’ a home education program and require parents to enroll their child in a public or private school within three days is when a child has developed a pattern of nonattendance. And this only can occur when a child who has been enrolled in public school misses five days of classes out of 30 or 10 days out of 90.”

I can’t say for certain, but my guess is that Superintendent Wyrosdick is a liberal Democrat acting on his party’s anti-homeschool agenda rather than enforcing policies as they are written. He has completely misinterpreted the Florida law he refers to and took action behind the backs of members of the school board.

Kind of sounds like the way things are handled in the White House doesn’t it?

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