Florida Schools Illegally Take Iris Scans of Students Without Parental Knowledge

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it or will have to continue saying it, but America’s public schools are doing everything possible to undermine the family unit and parental authority.

Students in most public schools are not allowed to bring an aspirin or any kind of necessary medication with them to school unless they have – not only a parent’s written permission – but a doctor’s written permission.  My granddaughter has chronic bronchitis and yet her mom is not allowed to send her antibiotic or cough medicine to school without a doctor’s note.  Her word and permission means nothing to the school.

Many public schools will then turn around and provide your kids with condoms and information on how to get an abortion without parental knowledge or permission.  The schools teach students, as young as elementary school age, that sex is okay as long as it is done safely and the kids don’t have to tell their parents.  They also teach them that homosexuality is normal and is something that they should all explore.

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I recall a friend’s daughter being told by a teacher that she doesn’t have to believe everything her parents tell her nor does she have to respect their authority.  Again, my own granddaughter’s school held a girl-boy dance for fifth-graders and parents were not allowed to chaperone or attend or know what was taking place at the dance.  Sorry folks, but fifth grade is too young to be fostering that kind of girl-boy relationship, especially without parents’ approval or knowledge.

Now, schools in Polk County Florida have taken another step in abusing parental authority.  At least three of the county’s schools (Bephune Academy – elementary school, Davenport School of the Arts – middle school, and Daniel Jenkins Academy – high school), took iris scans of every student without first notifying parents or obtaining their permission.

The whistle was blown by one set of parents who found out about the iris scan after the fact, when their son told them.  One of the parents posted the following on their Facebook page:

“Have been in touch with the principal at my son’s school this morning regarding the iris scans. She verified everything my son told me, she says the scans were completed on May 22. She said that she was following instructions from the Polk County School Board (PCSB), and that she knew very little, if anything, about this before it occurred, she just did as she was told. She gave me the name and number for her two contacts at the PCSB whom she said were pulling these strings on this ‘security pilot program’.”

“By the time we were able to make a phone call to PCSB (a time span of about 1 hour), the secretary told us that this pilot program had been suspended. When we did get a return call from one contact, she reiterated that the program has been suspended, like this should appease us. My husband continued to ask where our son’s private scans were, and she said the company was instructed to destroy the information. When we asked how do we know this has happened, there was no answer.”

“It is interesting that this letter went home on Friday afternoon at 3pm. Like I told you originally, everyone was gone by 4pm when I tried to make calls. So when exactly did this program get suspended? As of Friday afternoon, it was still in effect. Are they trying to say that somehow it was suspended by Tuesday morning (Monday being a holiday)? It seems like they are mostly focused on this program, like the program was the problem. It’s not, it’s the invasion of my family’s Constitutional right to privacy that is the problem, as well as the school allowing a private company access to my child without my consent or permission. This is stolen information, and we cannot retrieve it.”

When political blogger and commentator Michelle Malkin heard about what happened, she contacted Rob Davis, Senior Director of Support Services for the school district, he confirmed the iris scans.  He told her that a letter to parents was supposed to have been sent out on May 17, but the secretary responsible had a medical emergency and the letters were never sent.  Apparently, the schools did not know the letters had not been sent and since they did not hear of any objections from parents, they went forward and allowed a security company to come in and scan the iris of every student.

Parents, I can’t warn you enough to take time to check out our child’s school, public, charter or private.  God gave you the gift of children and He holds you responsible for their care, welfare and training.  It’s up to you to take the initiative to see what they are being taught and what types of programs they are being subjected to.  If you value your children, then show it.  Too many parents found out too late what the public schools were doing to them and their kids have been lost to a debauched and sinful society.  Don’t let that happen to your gifts from God.

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