Forget ISIS, Russia, and Ebola . . . Climate Change is Our Nation’s Greatest Threat

On August 6, Sec. John Kerry exclaimed in Honolulu that our biggest challenge is terrorism, Ebola, Russia, China, a moribund economy, climate change!

Yes climate change is the “biggest challenge we face right now,” so said Kerry as he boarded his government 757 jet and flew off to his next destination.

CFACT reported that, in Africa, Kerry told leaders that they should stop creating new farms because “certain agricultural processes can actually release carbon pollution.”

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Brilliant – telling the starving in Africa to stop trying so hard to feed themselves because they might affect the climate.

Then he boarded his jet and flew off to lecture some other third-world country, no doubt.

Yes, Obama and Kerry pulled out all the stops leading up to the big climate summit happening this week.

Interestingly, NewsMax reported that, “While 120 heads of state were invited [to the UN summit] some of the largest CO2 emitters have declined. Aussie Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and even on Angela Merkel, president of whom uber-green German apparently made other plans.”

I guess not all the world leaders are suckers.

That’s like saying only junior-college players will be attending the Combine and the NFL draft.

Last Sunday Kerry announced that climate change will be a “foreign policy priority.” Foreign policy? Really? It’s comforting to hear our government has its “priorities” straight.

Naturally the left is all abuzz of the “Leadership” role this administration has taken. But of course, Obama, Kerry, et al. are more than happy to “lead the fight” against any enemy that can’t shoot back.

The leftist reported that the UN summit “is an enormously important event, intended to catalyze action ahead of next year’s Paris conference – where leaders have pledged to reach a new global climate agreement.”

However, they were a bit dismayed by the absence of something quite important. The Guardian explains that “the summit is guilty of a major sin of omission: the ocean, over two thirds of the planet, is completely absent from the program. It is neither one of the eight ‘action areas’ on which governments and other key players are invited to announce bold new commitments, nor one of the ‘thematic sessions’ where states and stakeholders will share solutions.”

The Guardian does have a good point, if you are stupid enough to buy into the man-caused climate change nonsense. But they, like so many naïve watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside), actually believe these leaders are interested in the climate.

They’re not. Their only interest is power and money. I can’t dumb it down any further than that. They want worldwide “Cap and Trade.” They want a worldwide “Climate Tax” and they want to be in charge of that slush fund. It really is that simple.

Open your eyes all you leftists and look at the Pied Pipers you’re following.

Take the “Climate Avenger” John Kerry. He travels all over the world on an aging, inefficient 757. He is already the most traveled Secretary of State in history. As of last month he has already logged almost 520,000 miles, and he is going to lecture us on the dangers of carbon dioxide pollution!

And remember, he’s only been on the job for a year and a half. Over half a million pollution emitting miles in 18 months! Now that sounds like a man who’s making climate change a priority. Actions really do speak louder than words, if one chooses to see them.

According to experts at Rolls-Royce, engine makers for Airbus, a A380 jet uses as much energy as 3500 family cars. They claim that long-haul flights produce an average of twice as much emissions per mile as do passenger cars. A single round-trip flight from New York to Paris produces 2 to 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person, and that’s calculated on a loaded passenger jet. Kerry’s jet is hardly loaded with passengers, nor is Obama’s or Michelle’s or any of these hypocrites.

So we see, “Climate Avenger” Kerry doesn’t really give a crap about climate change. It’s all a scam and I’m sure they know it.

Someday maybe someone will call him on his hypocrisy, and maybe get him a new jet – one that runs on solar panels and windmills.

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