Formal Complaint Filed to Have Eric Holder Disbarred in Washington D.C.

In response to the House vote to find Holder in contempt of Congress over his failure to submit to a legal subpoena, two men have filed a complaint with the Washington D.C. Office of Bar Counsel accusing Holder of professional misconduct.  Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea, the bloggers who seemed to be the first to expose Operation Fast and Furious to the general public, have filed the complaint against Holder.

The two men contend that Holder’s:

“Refusal to comply with a subpoena duly issued by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, [i]t would appear that several, if not all of these rules [the D.C. Bar’s rules of professional conduct], have been violated.”

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“[B]ecause of the serious political ramifications involved, and because some on the Board may be sympathetic to AG Holder’s positions and hostile to those of the House contempt charges, and in order to ensure that this complaint receives proper attention and is not ignored through deliberate indifference.”

One Republican member of the House, Ben Qualye from Arizona, commented to the complaint saying:

“I think an investigation is definitely warranted since it’s been brought to the bar’s attention.  He has engaged in dishonesty and misrepresentation to Congress and I think it definitely warrants an investigation by the D.C. Bar.”

“He’s a member of the bar and just because he’s attorney general doesn’t make him above the law and above the bar association’s rules of professional conduct.   I think his conduct in the investigation of Fast and Furious rises to the level of actually looking into whether he violated professional conduct with his conduct in the investigation.”

The problem I see is that Holder does hold himself above the law.  He has openly refused to uphold laws that he personally disagrees with, making himself to be Congress and the Supreme Court.  He also twists other laws to make them say what they don’t say so that he can go after any opponents to himself or Barack Obama.

If not disbarred for the contempt of Congress; Eric Holder should be disbarred from every state in the country for his flagrant disrespect of federal law and for his wrongful use of power.  He then needs to be arrested and charged with all of the laws he has broken and then sent to jail for the rest of his life.  But that’s just my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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