Former Abortion Provider Confesses Horrors of Abortion Industry

In 1973, a young woman’s husband and doctor pressured her to go to a Texas abortion clinic to have her third abortion.  The experience drastically affected her life.  Not long afterwards, she had an extramarital affair, began drinking heavily and ended up leaving her husband.  With professional help, she was able to turn her life around and get a job.

Before long, she was working in the abortion industry where she realized how much money could be made using the right selling techniques.  It wasn’t long after that that she opened her first abortion clinic.  They did 45 abortions in the first month of business.  Eventually she opened a second abortion clinic, both in the Dallas area and between the two clinics they were performing over 500 abortions per month.  She made $25 per abortion plus one-third of the clinics’ profits.

Greed overtook her and with her dream of being a millionaire, she opened a total of 5 clinics.  She learned how to market abortions as the ONLY choice a woman had in her time of crisis.  If it wasn’t a crisis, they made her believe it was.  Her employees that manned the telephones were called counselors, but were nothing more than telemarketers who had been trained to sell abortion as the only choice and it worked very well.

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Virtually everything they told their clients were lies.  When asked if it hurt, they just said it felt like any other cramping they had experienced.  When asked if it was a baby, they said it was just a blood clot or a piece of tissue.  The paperwork given to the girl asking for an abortion was specifically written to confuse her into not knowing what she was signing.

They even did abortions on women who were not pregnant.  If the pregnancy test was negative, they would do an ultrasound and identify any lump or small mass they could find as being the fetus and convince the woman to have the abortion right then.

All the clinic cared about was getting as many abortions done as fast as possible.  When business was booming, they didn’t even have time to sterilize the equipment between abortions.  Some of her doctors were performing a dozen or more abortions an hour. It became an assembly line of blood and baby parts.

Then one day this woman was introduced to Jesus Christ and her life was changed and she left the abortion industry.  Today, Carol Everett is one of the strongest pro-life advocates in the country.  But she carries with her the horrors and deaths of thousands of unborn children and one woman who died from having an abortion in one of her clinics.

Please take a few moments and listen to the testimony of Carol Everett as she describes the ruthless and unethical practices of the abortion industry and the horrors that she experienced.  If this video affects you as it did me, you will pass this article and video on to everyone you know.  The more people that see this video, the less likely they are to fall victim to the abortionists, and the more likely they will be to fight to make this murderous slaughter of the unborn illegal throughout the nation.

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