Former Christian University Punishes Free Speech

On December 15, 1791, three fourths of the states ratified the Bill of Rights, establishing basic legal rights of individuals and organizations. Forty years later a new university was formed in Middletown, Connecticut. Named after the founder of Methodism, Wesleyan University was established in connection with the Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1937, school ended its association with the Methodist church.

Today, Wesleyan University is a private secular school with 2,870 undergraduates, 197 post graduates and a staff of 375. It’s also home to a student government that penalizes the First Amendment rights of free speech.

Bryan Stascavage is a thirty year old sophomore who attends Wesleyan University after serving his country by fighting in Iraq. Calling himself a moderate conservative, Stascavage wrote an opinion piece that was published in the Wesleyan Argus, the student newspaper.

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In that opinion piece, Stascavage criticized the tactics, not the mission or motivation, of Black Lives Matter. He took issue with the anti-police elements of the racial organization. His opinion was respectful in that it didn’t use any name calling or any references to racial stereotypes.

However, you would have thought that Stascavage had blasphemed against God by the way some of the students reacted. In less than a day after the paper containing his opinion piece was published, students were stealing the newspapers and destroying the newsstands. One female student was crying as she screamed at the author in the school café, saying that he had ‘stripped all agency away from her and made her feel like not a human anymore.’ Other’s called him a racist as they passed by.

The uproar was so great that the Argus printed an apology that appeared on the front page of the newspaper. They admitted that they had failed the community by publishing Stascavage’s opinion piece without printing an opposing piece to rebuff him. The paper even said that he ‘twisted the facts.’

The apology was not enough to appease the ultra-liberal student body. Earlier this month, the student government unanimously voted to cut the funding for the student newspaper in half. They said the vote was not an act of retribution and that the cut funding would be spread to other four other campus publications.

Stascavage said he knew that Wesleyan University had the reputation of being an ultra-liberal school, but he purposely chose it so that it would challenge his views. Today he is looking into possibly transferring to Liberty University.

This is one of many examples of how the First Amendment right of free speech is being violated by institutions of higher learning. Colleges have been regularly cancelling speaking engagements by conservatives like Condoleezza Rice. Other colleges and universities have designated free speech zones, but in order to use them the students have to get permission from the school who insists in reviewing what they plan to say first.

Liberals in Congress are trying to pass legislation to ban words like ‘alien’ and ‘illegal alien’ from all federal documents and references. Barack Obama has already banned federal employees from using the terms ‘Islamic terrorist’ claiming there is no such thing. Liberals like Hillary Clinton have been pushing to make any language criticizing homosexuality, same-sex marriage or anything LGBT, be classified as hate language. This would include any Christian preaching on homosexuality being a sin according to the Bible.

Two hundred and forty years ago, the British crown tried to limit and control what the American colonists could and could not say. Patriotic colonists fought a savage eight year war with the British to win the right of free speech and throw off the tyranny of the British crown. Today’s liberals have replaced the British crown and are doing their best to limit and control the speech of everyone in America. Perhaps it’s time for another revolution to throw off the yokes of liberal tyranny. Our rights are worth fighting for and I for one refuse to give them up without a fight.





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