Former Comedy Central Star Jon Stewart Praises Trump Administration of 9/11 Program

Former Comedy Central Star Jon Stewart praised the Trump administration this week for properly administering a program for families of the terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

I know, you are scratching your head. You mean the Jon Stewart who hates Trump? Yes, THAT Jon Stewart.

As ABC News Tweeted:

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Jon Stewart calls for reauthorization of 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Act: “The Trump Justice Dept. is doing an excellent job administrating this program … the program works exactly like it’s supposed to, so now it’s Congress’ job to fund it properly”

Stewart was very appreciative of the way Trump’s people were running the program for which he was advocating.

“The Trump Justice Department is doing an excellent job administering this program,” he said.

“But that’s why we’re in the problem we’re in is the program works exactly like it’s supposed to. Now it’s Congress’ job to fund it properly and let these people live in peace,” he added.

Stewart not only praised the Trump administration, but he chided the media for ignoring the story.

Stewart directly addressed the media saying, “tomorrow the 24-hour cycle will move on and you’ll be discussing the body language of Kim Jong Un.” He then added, “I want to beg you, when we’re done here, anybody who is with a media outlet, anyone here who is a writer or has a platform—don’t talk to us, talk to the men and women who are sick and suffering right now.”

“You can amplify their stories,” Stewart said. “You can get their stories out to the American people, because trust me, if the American people in their busy lives had any sense that these shenanigans were going on, they would be outraged.”

“We can cut through the nonsense,” Stewart told the media. He added that the bill’s passage will depend on “12 Republicans on the Senate side, that’s all this is. You get 12 Republicans on the Senate side and this bill goes through.”

“This is nonsense,” he insisted. “You guys know it, I know it. This is theater. We’re all down here today. There’s no reason to have dragged these people down here. There’s no reason to have to have these conversations. This is bullshit.”

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