Former Obama Press Secretary Argues with Conservative about Tension between Obama and Netanyahu

Former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Wednesday along with Amy Holmes who is an anchor at The discussion turned to Netanyahu’s win in the Israeli elections on Tuesday and the tension that seems to exist between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Holmes wondered aloud why the President had allowed his personal animosity for Netanyahu to become so visible, comparing the relationship to Obama’s relationships with some 3rd world dictators.

Needless to say, Obama minion Gibbs was not happy with the Holmes insinuations and accusations.

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Amy Holmes: “President Obama has personalized his conflict with Benjamin Netanyahu in a way that is disgraceful and shocking. We do not hear President Obama having this public conflict with Kim Jong-un or the Castro brothers. It seems Netanyahu gets to be the focal point of this ire.”

Robert Gibbs: “I’m really confused. You said that the administration hadn’t been hard on the North Korean leader?”

Amy Holmes: “They called him ‘chicken bleep’ to the Atlantic Monthly. They don’t snub him repeatedly. They don’t make it public. That there is this terrible tension between these two leaders. Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be the focal point of this president’s ire.”

Robert Gibbs: That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard in a long time. You make it sound like we have some great relationship with the North Koreans.”



For what it’s worth, I think Holmes was probably being a bit dramatic in an effort to accentuate the point she was making. The Obama administration has been openly hostile towards Israel, and in particular, Netanyahu’s government. However, I’m not sure that things are as bad (or even perceived as bad) as what she was saying. Gibbs may not agree with Holmes’ argument, but you’ll notice he didn’t argue based on fact… while Holmes did mention some specific instances that stand out.

Even if Holmes is being a bit hyperbolic, she’s not necessarily wrong.

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