Former Obama Supporters Call Him ‘Inexperienced,’ ‘Timid’

President Obama’s rapidly losing fans among his formerly strong supporters, according to a report by MSNBC.

Democratic pollster Peter Hart conducted a focus group that Democrats can’t be happy about having announced all over the Internet.

Even though the group consisted of only 11 people, 8 of whom voted for Obama previously, their results are getting an unusual amount of attention.

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That’s probably because not a one of them said he was “proud” or even “satisfied” with Obama’s performance in the presidency.

Instead, they described him as “powerless,” “cautious,” “overwhelmed,” “timid” and, my personal favorite, “inexperienced.”

They’re all apt words, particularly “inexperienced.” Even though Obama was in the Illinois state Legislature and briefly in the U.S. Senate, it always seemed dubious that his career had prepared him for the Oval Office, and the past five years have borne out that assessment.

With a history of facing opponents who dropped out of their race, or even being unchallenged in critical elections, Obama’s entire political career essentially was handed to him on a silver platter. An honest evaluation of his career reveals a cluster of highly influential people who have used their financial, political and media contacts to bury Obama’s opponents and clear his path to the White House in an effort that goes back years before his election to the Senate, possibly even decades.

Valerie Jarrett, who is Obama’s vizier, his Merlin even, once said of the president, “He knows exactly how smart he is.  . . .  I think that he has never really been challenged intellectually.  . . .  He’s been bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary people do. He would never be satisfied with what ordinary people do.”

Obama gets to do what ordinary people never get to do, run the country. And he’s been remarkably bad at it, perhaps the worst there’s ever been.

So where is all this talent we keep hearing about?

If Obama’s so smart, how come his Administration is so dysfunctional and the country’s worse than when he took over?

As one of the focus group members said, “He’s a big disappointment. He’s not focused on creating more jobs, fixing the economy, getting things going again, making people more prosperous. It’s like the economy is just sitting still.”

It’s got to grate on the Democrats that people are finally noticing that Obama is neither talented, nor particularly intelligent. He’s not even engaged. He’s nothing but a bored fool who’s in over his head.

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