Former VP Dick Cheney Still Taking Potshots – This Time Aiming At President Obama

All too often Vice Presidents are not known what they accomplish behind the scenes, but rather on the goofs and mistakes they make.  When Gerald Ford was VP, he was known for tripping and hitting people with golf balls. Dan Quayle’s claim to fame was misspelling ‘potato’.

And then there was former Vice President Dick Cheney who made the media hype when he accidently shot and wounded a buddy of his while bird hunting.  The media had a field day as did political and editorial cartoonists.  Liberal gun control advocates also jumped on the media hype and tried to use the incident to promote stricter gun control laws.

Cheney was also known for having heart problems and has suffered from several minor heart attacks.  A couple of months ago, he was not looking well.  He appeared drawn and walked with the help of a cane.

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Less than a month ago, Cheney underwent a heart transplant and the doctors said the prognosis was good for the former Vice President and Secretary of Defense. Only three weeks after his heart transplant, Cheney walked onto the stage without his cane and looking better than he has in some time at the Wyoming Republican State Convention.  He was accompanied by his daughter Liz Cheney.

Not only was Cheney looking healthier than he has in the past year, he was strong enough to speak to the crowd for over an hour.  During that talk, he summoned the strength and courage to start taking potshots at President Obama.  In one of those shots aimed at the President, Cheney said, “He has been an unmitigated disaster to the country.”

Cheney believes that Mitt Romney will do a “whale of a job,” especially compared to what Obama has done to the country.

In another indirect shot at the Obama administration, Cheney defended the interrogation methods used on suspected Islamic terrorist at the US Cuban base at Guantanamo Bay.   Knowing that Obama and his colleagues condemned the tactics and claimed they resulted in very little intelligence gathering, Cheney said,

“It produced a wealth of information. Don’t let anybody tell you the enhanced interrogation program didn’t work. It did.”

Ever since Cheney was Secretary of Defense under George W Bush, prior to becoming Bush’s VP, there is one thing I’ve always admired about him and that is his open honesty on many issues and people.  I had the privilege of serving on a committee with former US Senator and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater and that was the same trait that impressed me the most about Goldwater.  He never worried about hurting someone’s feelings by telling the truth and Cheney seems to have that same character quality.

I’m glad to see Cheney feeling better and speaking his mind about Obama and how he has been destroying this nation.  And since Wyoming has the highest percentage of Republican voters than any other state, they readily listen to what their former US Representative still has to say about national politics.  I just wish the rest of the nation would listen to him as well.

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