Four More Years of What?

It’s been a day since the results have come in and after over $6 billion spent on campaigns across the country, nothing really changed.  Barack Obama retained the presidency; Democrats retained control of the Senate; and Republicans retained control of the House.

I’ve had a day now to recover from the disappointment, but I’m still sick to my stomach with a loathsome dread of what lies ahead.  Are we looking at four more years of the same failed policies we’ve seen in the last four years or will things get even worse?

One thing is certain, Obamacare won’t be repealed which means that Americans are facing between $2,500 and $4,000 in tax increases that Obama promised he wouldn’t do.  It also means that thousands of private practice doctors will be leaving their practices within the next year or two.

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The job market doesn’t look too bright either.  Obama bragged about the number of jobs he created in October, but failed to tell us that one of the sectors that had an increase in jobs was the federal government.  The last thing we need is a larger government.  Like a malignant cancer, the federal government is spreading and in time will become so large that it will kill the country, just like it kills the body.

What I don’t understand about the election is that Congress had the lowest approval ratings in history which were around 6%, but very little changed in Congress.  If the people are so unhappy with Congress, why send most of them back?

And since everything pretty much remained status quo in Washington D.C., does that mean we will see continued partisan politics like we’ve seen the past two years?  Will Obama and the Senate continue to hold America hostage to force the GOP controlled House to do things their way?  Will Obama and the Senate then continue to blame Republicans for not being willing to compromise when in fact it is the Democrats who won’t budge?

To be honest, I expect the next four years to be much worse than the last four.  If you recall, Obama told the Russians to wait till his second term when he won’t have to worry about being re-elected and he will have a lot more flexibility.  I see us losing more freedoms, paying much higher taxes, and America will become a Muslim controlled nation.  Christians will be openly persecuted for preaching and living their faith.  And in the end, America as we KNEW it will no longer exist.

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