Fourth Grade Invitation to Easter Egg Hunt Leads to Lawsuit

Prior to Easter, a fourth grade student at Roland H Lewis Elementary School in Temple Terrace, Florida, wanted to pass out invitations to his Easter egg hunt.  School officials quickly put an end to the student’s attempt to pass out the fliers stating that it violated school policy.

Litigation staff counsel Matt Sharp from the Alliance Defense Fund has taken up the case and filed the lawsuit against the school for violating the student’s constitutional rights.  In referring to the incident, Sharp said,

“To say than an Easter egg hunt invitation offered from one student to another during non-instructional time is somehow not allowed in America is preposterous.  ADF has litigated numerous cases similar to this one, and the law is clear: invitations like this are protected by the Constitution.”

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Jeremy Tedesco, another attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund pointed out that the school allows students to hand out invitations to things like birthday parties, so the singling out of the Easter egg hunt invitations clearly sets a double standard.  He also believes that,

“Public schools should encourage — not shut down — the free exchange of ideas.  Marginalizing students’ faith removes an important influence for good from the school community, and removing their voice sends a message to all students that religion is something to be ashamed of.”

In the past year, more and more Christian and Constitution based law firms are starting to stand up against the lawless attacks on our freedoms of religion and free speech.  For too long Christians have remained silent while their freedoms were being removed like the leaves in autumn.  But spring time is here and it time for all Christians to blossom out of our comfort zones and get active in whatever group or effort is appropriate in their area to stop the defoliation of our constitutional rights.

My hat goes off to the Alliance Defense Fund and I pray that they once again prevail over the injustice committed upon this fourth grade child.  Matt Sharp – go get them!

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