France Steps Up as U.S. Ignores al-Qaida Takeover in Mali

A professor once told me if you can’t be right, at least be consistent.

The Obama Administration’s foreign policy toward the Muslim world has been just that, consistently wrong.

And now our president’s lack of a scrupulous foreign policy has forced our longtime ally France to intervene in the African nation of Mali.

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In his eagerness to appear as the liberal savior of the world, or perhaps just to clear the way for more Muslim expansion, Obama has promoted and largely instigated the “Arab Spring,” the wave of rebellions that have swept the Muslim world in recent years.

The White House from the start has painted the Arab Spring as a tide of democracy washing away longtime dictators and ushering in a new era of freedom for modern medieval cultures.

The president’s enthusiasm for the Arab Spring led us to illegal military involvement in Libya and has gotten us involved in fueling the current Syrian civil war, which is one of the worst-kept secrets around the globe but hardly rates a mention in U.S. media.

The actual track record of the Arab Spring, however, has meant the replacement of several governments by terrorist-led coalitions such as the Muslim Brotherhood, which has the stated goal of dominating the world under shariah law rather than Western-style democracy.

In the process of “accidentally” creating new Islamist governments under the pretense of expanding democracy, the Obama Administration trained fighters in many Muslim countries to help overthrow the previous governments.

Many, perhaps even most, of those fighters have turned out to be linked to al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups — in other words, the same terrorists we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan previously under President Bush.

It was the use of such Islamist fighters that directly led to the attack in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 last year that left four Americans dead and led to an ongoing Administration coverup.

But the malfeasance of the Benghazi scandal begins to look minor next to the failures in Mali. In that country, it was a U.S.-trained officer who led the coup.

Then we stood by and watched as Islamists from Mali, Libya and other countries — all trained and supplied by our military — turned around and sliced off half of Mali’s territory for al-Qaida.

Since then, the U.S. has undertaken only the most feeble measures to keep al-Qaida’s influence from spreading beyond Mali’s borders, even as the Islamist leadership has implemented shariah law and begun destroying “infidel” tombs and other historic landmarks, just as the Taliban did in Afghanistan.

That has all led the French, the former colonial masters of Mali, to take matters into their own hands and wage war on al-Qaida without the help of the U.S. or anyone else.  And they have taken action without waiting for the various global committees — the U.N., the Arab League, NATO, etc. — to approve.

It’s been fashionable in recent years for Americans to bash the French, but those who know history will recall that it was the French who helped us win the Revolutionary War, and it was French heroes who on several occasions turned back Muslim barbarian armies and kept Europe civilized and Western. Europe would have been Muslim, and we would never have been a free country without the French.

In Mali, the French forces are reminding Americans what it looks like to show courage in the fight against terrorism.

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