Free Sex to Same-Sex Marriages to Pedophilia – America’s Slide to Destruction

I’m going to date myself by saying that I was a teenager during the 1960’s and remember well the Vietnam War protests and the hippie movement. The hippie scene was highlighted by rebellion against authority, peace and free love or should I say free sex. A common slogan of the time was ‘make love not war.’

Prior to the 1960’s the general attitude in America was that sex was for marriage. In the 1960’s sex was taken out of the marriage bed and openly displayed for all to see. Many conservatives and Christians warned that if the open sex wasn’t stopped that it would lead to other things such as same-sex marriage and more. The free love advocates mocked the warnings. They made the conservatives and Christians look old fashioned and ridiculous. They said there would be no way that this would lead to open homosexuality.

It wasn’t long before homosexuals crawled out of the closet and began to openly proclaim their perverted lifestyles. Once again, Christians and conservatives warned about the dangers and sinfulness of homosexuality. We warned that it would lead to legalized same-sex marriage, but we were mocked and ridiculed and no one listened. They said there would be no way same-sex marriage would be legalized.

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Now we are seeing same-sex marriages be legalized in cities and states across the country, just as we warned. Now Christians and conservatives are raising warnings about the legalization of pedophilia, among other perversions and again we’re being told that there is no way that they will be legalized.

Consider the fact that liberal organizations such as the United Nations and Planned Parenthood are already telling kids as young as 10-12 years of age that sex is okay as long as they are safe. The UN is advocating the legalization of prostitution including the prostitution of young girls. The American Psychiatric Association has said there is nothing wrong with pedophilia as long as both parties are consensual. Child sexuality is being openly promoted on television and in the movies.

The advocates of pedophilia are using many of the same arguments to justify their sin as those used to justify the sins of open sex, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. There are some fringe groups that also starting to use the same arguments to justify polygamy, incest, group marriages, bestiality and intergenerational sex.

I predict that our arguments against these sinful perversions will again be ignored, and in time these things will be socially acceptable and legalized. Bill Muehlenberg with has a book coming out soon, Dangerous Relations, that documents America’s slippery slide into debauchery and sexual destruction. I look forward to reading it and will probably highly recommend it to anyone else who is concerned for the moral future of our country, if there is one left to be concerned about.

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